Modern Warfare 2 teaser confirms two classic game modes coming at launch

Modern Warfare 2 fans are confident that Pro Perks will be back in this year’s game, after a familiar logo was spotted in the latest CoD Next teaser.

We’re a few weeks away from the launch of Modern Warfare 2, and the beta should start in the next few days. Despite this, fans are still looking for information on what new or returning features they can expect in Infinity Ward’s latest game.

While we’ve had a handful of single-player campaign trailers and footage, the multiplayer reveal is set to take place at Call of Duty Next on September 15, which should provide fans with plenty of details on new weapons, maps, and more. After.

But in a trailer for the CoD Next event, players think they’ve spotted a hint that a classic feature is returning for the first time since Modern Warfare 3 – Pro Perks.

First introduced in the first Modern Warfare 2 and used in the next two titles, Pro Perks are upgraded versions of standard Perks unlocked by completing challenges. Pro Perks offered bonus effects that the regular versions did not; for example, Sleight of Hand Pro gave players faster ADS as well as faster reloads.

In a short teaser for CoD Next, fans spotted a handful of Perk logos, including one that appeared to be Hardline Pro, as you can see from the star logo used in MW2 and MW3.

Many took this as confirmation that Pro Perks are making their return in Modern Warfare 2 2022, including Jason ‘FaZe Jev’ Eugene in his September 10 video.

“If you’re not aware, that’s the form of the perks whenever they’re the Pro version of it,” he said, eyeing the Hardline logo. “At least that was how it was on the first Modern Warfare 2.”

Modern Warfare 2019 also featured the Hardline Perk star logo, but the trailer logo looks much more like the Pro version of the first MW2.

He went on to point out that some sources have claimed Pro Perks have appeared in the past, and Jev felt it was now safe to assume these leaks were accurate.

“Nine and a half times out of 10, if we hear leaks and also see images that match the leaks, I can pretty much take that as confirmation. I will be very surprised [if it’s not.]”

Although the trailer seems to hint that Pro Perks will be part of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode, this is all speculation until the developers themselves confirm it.

With Call of Duty Next just days away and the beta giving players their first hands-on experience a day later, we won’t have to wait too long for a clearer picture.

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Image credit: Activision

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