Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX EV Debuts as Highly Efficient Long-Range Luxury Car; Better than Tesla?

Mercedes Benz has officially launched its VISION EQXX electric vehicle which focuses on long-range capability, luxury, comfort and styling efficiency. The famous German automaker is offering a beast that can travel 620 miles of range, and it’s not a vehicle people see every day, something that could give Tesla a run for its money.

Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX: officially debuts now

(Photo: Mercedes Benz / Daimler Media)
Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX officially launches today, Monday January 3, with a range of 620 miles and a range of engineering and design that captures the luxury vehicle.

Mercedes Benz announced earlier today from Stuttgart, Germany, the production center and corporate headquarters, that the VISION EQXX is officially unveiled to the public. The vehicle arrived in close coverage in 2021, as the company has maintained the mystery of the new high-end and luxury electric vehicle it aims to debut.

The German automaker aims to make the VISION EQXX the most efficient Mercedes car ever built, and it can effectively travel 100 kilometers using just 10 kWh. The company’s figures are impressive and give an idea of ​​the actual performance of the vehicle, especially in the hands of actual users or its customers.

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Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX Specifications, Features

Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX

(Photo: Mercedes Benz / Daimler Media)

The VISION EQXX is a “software-driven” electric car that focuses more on the road and travel than its other engineering processes. However, this is not necessarily bad as the electric vehicle aims to bring an electric car that people can enjoy on long journeys.

The Mercedes EV offers a total range of 620 miles, with aerodynamic engineering on its bodywork, as well as a mix of 3D printed materials throughout.

Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX

(Photo: Mercedes Benz / Daimler Media)

Mercedes Benz Vs Popular Electric Vehicles Now

One of Mercedes’ first electric vehicles was the EQS, and it comes with a 56-inch infotainment system that displays on almost every inch of the vehicle’s dashboard. The EV brings the biggest display there is to a car, and that’s something Mercedes Benz wants to bring to the market: its unique features that make them popular these days.

The year 2022 also marks that Mercedes Benz brings nothing but one of the most immersive audio technologies on the market today, Dolby Atmos. The functionality would be all over its vehicles, feeding its audio systems to play only the best output it can bring to the car.

Tesla doesn’t have a luxury vehicle to compete with Mercedes’ VISION EQXX. The former focuses on the affordability of its electric vehicles by providing a classy feel to the car. However, if it’s something that screams efficiency and luxury, it should be Mercedes’ new VISION EQXX.

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