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Jay Waagmeester

The Senate meets at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Memorial Union.

From filming the oath of office to delivering it, a Memorial Union audio and video technician was confirmed as a senator.

The Senate confirmed Ethan Matthews, a freshman performing arts student, as an off-campus senator. Prior to the Senate meeting, Matthews was unanimously nominated by United Residents Off-Campus (UROC), the constituency council that represents off-campus students.

Although confirmed on Wednesday, Matthews is a familiar face to members of the Senate. He spent the last academic year and part of that year as an audio and video technician for Senate meetings.

“I think Ethan is more than qualified,” said Ella Slade, a journalism and mass communications junior and senator who drafted the bill appointing Matthews. “He’s seen more Senate meetings than I have.”

Matthews was doing his job adjusting the microphone levels and moving the camera to the senator who was speaking for his cause when he found out he wanted to contribute.

“After having watched [Senate meetings]I was like ‘man, I really want to chat with you guys because this sounds like so much fun,'” Matthews said.

Matthews has put his passion into action and mental health is high on the list of priorities for the new senator.

“It’s something that’s important in my life, and it’s something that I would really like to help with other students, teachers, anyone that I can help,” Matthews said.

Jacob Frencher, a sophomore in computer science and a senator representing off-campus students, was confirmed as a Senate member of the committee on diversity, equity and inclusion.

During his confirmation, Frencher spoke about his presentation at ISCORE where he explained how to solve racism.

“In order to solve racism, we have to actually quantify it,” Frencher said. “[At the conference] we talked about an equation to actually get an amount of racism, and then year after year we can focus on reducing that value and proving that the real change is caused by policies or other things.

Frencher became interested in working on diversity, equity, and inclusion when he arrived on campus and didn’t see many students who looked like him. He wants students to feel accepted and have a group of like-minded friends.

The Gaming and Esports Club has requested $265.17 to fund registration and transportation for an upcoming competition in Skokie, Illinois. The bill was passed unanimously.

The five-man squad will take part in the Battle for the Midwest on October 22.

Senior computer engineering and club manager Joe Zuber says the group have good prospects for the competition. The ISU club placed third last year, behind two professional teams. The competition does not allow professional teams this year.

At the end of the meeting, the senators added a joint resolution titled “Supporting our Prestigious Helpful and Tireless Advisor (SOPHIA)” to the agenda to congratulate the organization’s advisor, Sophia Sarver, on the occasion of his second anniversary of working for student government.

Members of the student government used their speaking privileges to share fond memories and praise for Sarver.

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