Meet the parents! Six families celebrate the many joyful ways we come together

There is no “family”, there are only families.

This is the resounding and uplifting message of the six families you see here, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, herself a mother of three daughters, having had the first at age 52 with the late Susan Sontag. Her images are a celebration of all the ways we can now create our own family, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, including surrogacy, co-parenting and blending old and new relationships into one home. magnet. And while the starting point for this story may have been a baby boom in the fashion world (with Naomi Campbell, Anthony Vaccarello, Joseph Altuzarra and Peter Dundas all becoming parents recently), the reality is that the right to
Defining your family on your own terms is, like love, totally universal.

Christiana Tien Tran and Katrin Wesolowski

Christiana Tien Tran and Katrin Wesolowski have a lot in common, both professionally and in love: they both work as talent agents in the fashion industry and have built a beautiful house in New York with their three children ( twins Wolf Ahn and Leo Ai Wesolowski, 5; and Luma Linh Wesolowski, 1) in recent years (see previous breakdown). Still, the changes brought about by the pandemic hit both mothers hard, though they ultimately saw it as an opportunity to redefine their bond at home. “My previous work life didn’t allow me to be with my family as much as I would have liked,” says Tran, “and with everything that has changed since then, I’ve had the tremendous benefit of being present with my family and creating a new reality with them that included seeing me more.

This boisterous family of five now appreciates the time they can spend balancing their busy careers by being outdoors together near their Connecticut home. “It really feels like nature is calling us here,” says Wesolowski. “The time we spend together around a fire or by a lake or planting our vegetable garden and hiking teaches us respect for ourselves, for each other and for our planet. This is important not only for us, but also for our children: to see us as part of a much bigger picture. —Emma Specter

Hervé Cosmao, Cécile Durieux and Jack Borkett

Two years ago, Hervé Cosmao found himself in Business Premier on Eurostar with a glass of champagne an hour after being awakened by 45 missed calls warning him that Cécile Durieux was going to give birth to their son in Paris. Once Cosmao was there, hospital staff asked him if he wanted to dress the newborn and warned that the process could be a bit complicated. “I did Marion Cotillard for the Oscars,” Cosmao said with a laugh. “I think I can handle this.”

Never mind that the two weren’t married – Cosmao was enjoying what was then a budding romance with Jack Borkett, a contributing fashion editor at British vogue. But in 2018, Durieux, now 41, had mentioned to Cosmao, now 36, at a party (he is communications director at Paco Rabanne, she is responsible for corporate press and partnerships at Louis Vuitton) that she had frozen her eggs, fresh out of a toxic relationship; Cosmao replied that he had always dreamed of having children – and so began the unconventional yet loving family the duo created for their son, Milo.

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