Marshall Unveils Emberton II and Pocketable Willen Bluetooth Speakers

Marshall is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to speakers and amplifiers. They have been a mainstay in the music industry since the 1960s and over the years have only evolved in their drive to provide customers with an excellent audio listening experience. Now the company has unveiled two new Bluetooth speakers: Emberton II and Willen. The Willen is small enough to fit in your pocket.

For starters, the Marshall Willen is ultra-compact. It measures less than 4″ by 4″ with a depth of 1″ and weighs 310g. It’s dust and water resistant and despite its pocket size, it sounds great. It has a single 2-inch 10W full-range dynamic driver, two passive radiators, and provides mono audio output. This speaker can provide up to 15 hours of listening time on a single charge of its battery, which fully recharges in three hours.

Plus, it functions as a speakerphone with its built-in microphone and a button that lets you answer or reject calls. It has a rubber strap on the back for mounting.

Meanwhile, the Marshall Emberton II is larger in size but still offers great sound. It weighs 700g and is essentially an upgrade to the brand’s ever-popular portable speaker. It delivers 30 hours of playback from two 2-inch 10W full-range dynamic drivers and two passive radiators. Unlike the Marshall Willen, this speaker features True Stereophonic technology for immersive 360-degree sound. It’s also water and dust resistant, and the battery fully charges in three hours.

The Marshall Willen and Marshall Emberton II speakers both feature Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity with a wireless range of up to 10 meters. You can set EQ presets when paired with its smartphone app. They both come with a 5-way control knob and are stackable if you have more than one.

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