Maono follows in YouTube’s footsteps to serve India’s multi-format creators and artists

Maono, the world’s top-selling internet microphone brand, attended the InfoComm India 2022 exhibition, which is well-known in the business world and has established itself as a must-visit exhibition.

Due to the excellent performance of its products with competitive prices, maono attracted the attention of many local Indian users and distributors during the exhibition. The exhibits were all from Maono’s flagship product lines, which included the Wired Internet Microphone Series, Podcast Equipment Series, TikMic Wireless Microphone Series, and more.

Maono Wired Internet Microphones with Innovative App for Online Content Creators

At this exhibition, Maono’s new PD400X USB/XLR dynamic microphone and DM30 RGB programmable USB gaming microphone made their debut.

The mic uses a custom dynamic capsule to make the sound quality brilliant. There is a 3 in 1 digital button on the body, and it is compatible with Maono Link APP. The app allows users to control various functions and states of the microphone from a portable device or a PC/Mac. Although the mic is specifically designed for podcasting, it is also a great solution for live streaming and gaming due to its excellent off-axis noise cancellation performance.

Nowadays, the online game market has become bigger and bigger, which has led to the rise of online game streamers. The DM30 has fully considered the needs of gaming users.

There is also a 3-in-1 knob on the mic body, which allows users to control mic mute and adjust mic gain and headphone volume. To enhance the immersive gaming experience, there is also RGB lighting. And it is also compatible with the Maono Link app.

Maono Podcast Equipment Bundle also for live streaming

Maono offers users podcast and live streaming offers to make their content creation journey easier and more successful. If you are looking for a podcast or live streaming equipment package, you can check out the Maonocaster E2 series of integrated audio production studios.

The E2 comes with high-quality built-in preamps that are compatible with professional mics and support one-touch noise reduction. It can also achieve lossless output. 11 custom buttons are designed for custom effect settings and unique diffusion styles. And the two microphone jacks support live streaming and two-person podcasting.

Integrating multiple devices into one device, Maonocaster E2 brings great convenience and helps users save a lot of time.

Maono TikMic wireless microphones for vlogs and interviews

This series can maintain a stable connection while recording so that users don’t encounter the embarrassing situation of recording being interrupted suddenly. There are various models in this series that users can choose from, for example, WM600 TikMic and WM821 TikMic.

The WM600 is more suitable for beginners and is designed in a lightweight and portable size. There are different models compatible with iOS devices and Android devices, offering a transmission range of 100m (328ft). WM821 is more suitable for professional users, compatible with cameras, cellphones and some other devices. It has an LED screen on its receiver to show information such as pairing status, mono/stereo mode, etc. And it is equipped with a charging box with a fully charged built-in battery, which allows the system to work for up to 20 minutes. consecutive hours. Powerful functions make them ideal choices for content creators who make short videos on YouTube Shorts, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


In this era of rapid development of the Internet and social media, Maono focuses on the needs of users of audio products in different usage scenarios and offers different solutions. Although it is a young brand, some of its products have become “Best Seller” on Amazon in several countries, and its products are selling well in 153 countries around the world. Its vision is to be a world-leading brand of Internet audio products that deliver an enjoyable sound experience. We look forward to more surprises Maono can bring to Indian users in the future.

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