Logitech’s Chorus audio add-on for Meta Quest 2 promises “new levels” of immersion

The Logitech Chorus attached to a Meta Quest 2


Logitech is once again dipping its toes into the VR hardware pool with the Wednesday launch of its new Chorus audio solution for the Meta Quest 2.

This new add-on is designed to deliver “the lifelike audio gamers want with the comfort and convenience people need,” said Matt Green, senior director of acoustic engineering at Logitech, in a statement on August 17.

Rather than relying on headphones or over-ear drivers, the Chorus accessory uses “custom out-of-ear acoustics” emanating from a pair of open-backed rotating speakers that sit right next to the ears of the carrier.

Logitech seems to believe that this combination of open-air design and near sound reproduction offers the best mix of comfort, sound reproduction and realism. It should be noted that it will, however, offer very little privacy. So maybe don’t load VR Chat while Grandma is around, if you know what I mean.

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Logitech has made it clear that it wants the Chorus to blend smoothly into the Quest 2’s design, without removing any of its features. To that end, it designed the Chorus to use the headset’s built-in USB-C port to power its audio output, while providing a pass-through port for charging and data connections. That means the Chorus can live on the Quest 2 full time, with its included speakers folding flat to the sides of the helmet for storage.

At $100, the Chorus will rival artists like Vive Deluxe Audio Strapwhich also includes built-in headphones, but also includes a full headband.

Although this accessory was, as the name suggests, designed for HTC’s Vive series, it has been extensively adapted (via 3D printing and retail adapters) for use with Meta headsets — and before that, Oculus — as well as the others.

Its combination of comfort and audio fidelity has seen it stay on sale long after the original headsets it was designed for have been discontinued.

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Although Logitech’s Chorus doesn’t include a full headband system, it could still appeal to those who weren’t happy with the HTC-branded option’s audio component. For my part, I continue to use the deluxe audio strap on my Quest 2, but have removed the included headphones in favor of a pair of headphones.

The included headphones would continually slip out of place during particularly vigorous Beat Saber or Space Pirate Trainer sessions, causing major distractions. We’ll all have to wait and see if the Chorus can fare better when it becomes available from Logitech and other retailers in the coming weeks.

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