LiveFreeFun Reviews (It’s Baloney)

Welcome to our livefreefun reviews page where I will walk you through exactly what you get when you join this clone sex cam site. The brutal truth is nothing special. By signing up to, you are signing up to a white label clone sex site created by a porn marketer and it offers ZERO unique facets on the source service. Unlike other adult cam review sites, we shoot you straight, say how it is, and don’t hold back any punches.

The point is, perhaps offering a great sex cam service, it is simply a copy of the original site which is the The only people who sign up are the ones who don’t know!

How LiveFreeFun started – Lack of transparency

In the adult camera industry, this is called a white label version of another site. It’s not bad, but our company keeps you up to date with adult cam sites so we think it’s important to tell you all the facts. Therefore, if you are planning to join this site, it makes more sense to join the original site that powers this site, doesn’t it?

The point is, you get access to the same models at the same prices and have the same features on the REAL site powering livefreefun.

So why would you want to attach a copy rather than going to the original source?

The operation of LiveFreeFun is the same as the site to which they are cloned.

That’s right, all you have to do is go to and you can see that livefreefun is a clone!

Listen, the same folks who run this site are also running the marketing skin on top of another WL clone called roulette bitch. This and this site is a waste of oxygen to talk about. For a while they even had one called exposed webcams. It was also misleading.

Most recently they took another bite of apple with a 4th clone called Jerkmate this time with a clever robot Lil claiming once again to offer truly free private sex shows. All the nonsense as you will read here.

Is LiveFreeFun safe?
Is LiveFreeFun safe?

I just have to add that there is nothing wrong with signing up directly through this site, it is a totally personal preference. Let me walk you through what matters most, features, cost details about the website, and how it compares to other live cam sites. Again, the original site is actually called (reviews on this link).
Likewise, if you read this site review, you will see that the two are the same. Alright, let’s beat around the bush, talk about costs and features!

LiveFreeFun Costs and what is offered

frankly livefreefun is nothing more than a marketing team trying to sell you a different website.
  • On average, the platform this site is built on is one of the cheapest adult cam sites online. Truth be told, most camera models here charge between two and three dollars. Yes, it is really very cheap for live sex shows.
  • When it comes to payment methods, there are also some limitations. If you have a way to access the funds, chances are you can set up a free account. Visa, MasterCard, you name it and they take it.
  • Livefreefun via also presents what are called gold shows.

The Gold Shows are actually a great opportunity to see some of the hottest cam models doing sex shows for next to nothing while on an open show. Let me explain how it works. Gold shows allow models to start a countdown which typically lasts between five and 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the featured show appears on the site’s home page.

This way the men see which ladies are doing gold shows. They can view each lady and register for any open gold show they wish to see by paying between $ 2 and $ 6 per show. That’s all they pay.

They can then tip throughout the show or not. This method of doing live sex shows has proven to be a way for adult webcam models to make more money doing the same show by letting more than one guy watch it at a time. In addition it is a great cheap sex webcams experience for men!

LiveFreeFun features (all borrowed to be honest)

  • Livefreefun has more than 15,000 nude cam models from all countries of the world. You will find camera models from Latin America, Romania, Latvia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, United States of America, Mexico, Southeast Asia and everywhere in between.
  • Just like, the site of which this site is an authorized copy, you will enjoy the same great customer service. Truth be told, there are hardly ever any billing issues and a platform it’s based on is one of the most trusted adult cam sites on the internet.
  • Again, just like the site it’s a copy of, their in-site features allow you to save your favorite models for easy access later. This is called saving favorites.

You can also give adult camera models gifts, tip them, or leave comments on their bio pages.

Likewise, you can easily leave direct messages to any of the over 15,000 nude camera models.

I just can’t drive home enough that you don’t have to register on LiveFreeFun but on the root site called who owns and manages the operation that livefreefun is just trying to rename.

There is also a section with the main tabs for new camera models, which makes it easy to locate sexy new camera models that have just started doing live broadcasts within the last month.

Also, they feature some of the sexiest camera models on the shows schedule once you sign up for free.

A lot of people ask if the site is really free. Yes, it’s 100% free. However, you just need to make sure and read the screen to avoid any charges. They do a great job of making sure that all charges are disclosed. Of course, there are premium options, gold shows, featured shows, and other options that a lot of men use that actually cost money.

However, these are the only options. It is quite possible to stay in the free areas and not spend a dime.

Example cam model pages below…

Cam Model redfire is one of the thousands of live sex cam models that you will find on LiveFreeFun.

LiveFreeFun costs
LiveFreeFun costs the same as the site it clones, streams.

Conclusion: our experiences on

As I have said before and I will say it again, this site is what is called the white label site. This is not to imply anything negative. It’s just a matter of letting you know that you are not on an original website.

A lot of people prefer to go to the original website and be billed directly from the original provider, which is actually a site called streamer (review on this link).

That being said, I can assure you that this is not only one of the best adult campsites out there, but actually our number one platform and the company you deal with, whether you join the original site or at, you are in fact in good hands.

The site has been around forever in terms of how long adult cam sites have been around and they continue to focus on putting the customer first.

You can check out by registering here or you can join the original site

All that is required is a simple and easy age verification process that takes less than 30 seconds and costs you nothing. Again, there is no obligation to pay anything.

visit the site

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