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Student offers an inside view of the culture behind the 95.1 KUGR radio


Mareenah Galang, KUGR Deputy Director of Promotions, and Logan McAlister, Deputy Director of Operations, are working on a project on October 13, 2021 in the KUGR office.

Are you interested in providing the voice behind the microphone?

KUGR will adopt your ideas and teach you how to present yourself naturally on the air. The world behind a radio station’s broadcast is often forgotten, but the dynamics of KUGR are too special to ignore.

The KUGR radio station has dozens of miniature album covers plastering the walls, displaying distinct musical eras to inspire anyone who walks through the door. Sound comes from the radio booth that students use to broadcast music and talk shows in the Pullman area.

KUGR Radio has been operating since 1954. In the 1970s, the station refined its signature sound and became one of the best-known studios in the Palouse area for broadcasting rock and roll, according to Today, the student-run organization is more diverse, showing shows with different themes such as history, urban myths and an assortment of music.

KUGR Radio offers more than music and chats. Rahaf Albateni, KUGR HR Director, said that after joining KUGR, she gained more self-confidence after joining KUGR.

“Being on that team and having my show experience, honestly, has helped me be a little more outspoken and be a little more outgoing,” Albateni said.

Running a radio show can be a nerve-racking experience, but Albateni said if you want to try it out, go for it. His original show “Spicy Trash” was a combination of astrology and R&B. In her sophomore year, it was a time she could sit back and decompress.

“It was the time for me to come in and have some fun and enjoy my time alone,” said Albateni.

She said the radio booth isn’t the only reason she enjoys KUGR radio station. She enjoys going to the office between classes to study or socialize. Although the office is a bit run down, there is an air of excitement.

“The people there are exceptional.” said Albateni. “They are some of the most amazing people on campus. They are so kind and welcoming. They welcome anyone; they always have a story to tell and there is always something going on.

If you’re curious about finding a job in the radio industry, or just want to have a show where you can talk about your passions, KUGR is a great place to start, she said. The station offers two-hour shows and students can choose any topic to broadcast.

This semester’s lineup features 12 new shows ranging from ghosts to your boogie to hearing about your favorite sports teams. The new KUGR calendar is available on their website,

If you find a show that catches your eye, you can tune in to or listen to the radio on 95.1. If you want to get your band on the air, you can send a direct message to KUGR through their Instagram, @kugrradiowsu.

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