Lightware Visual Engineering unlocks next-gen meeting rooms with new partnerships

Lightware visual engineering (opens in a new tab) expanded its integration partnership initiative with key global industry players. Complete announced relationship with Cisco (opens in a new tab), a growing list of integration partners is led by ADI Icron, Utelogy Corporation and Xyte. The program, enabled by Lightware’s unique Open API capabilities, provides customers with unprecedented creative opportunities to design and build exceptional, best-in-class collaboration solutions.

“After years of successful cooperation with Cisco’s Webex room devices, Lightware is now extending the full capabilities of its solutions through a number of major integration partners,” said Gergely Vida, CEO of Lightware Visual Engineering. “Lightware’s devices offer seamless integration and enable users to bring simple, consistent controls into room applications, allowing them to extend, extend and share signals more easily than ever before. In collaboration with d ‘foresighted industry players, we can provide a flexible, consistent, and seamless user experience in all types of rooms, from boardrooms and video conferencing rooms to smart classrooms and collaborative meeting spaces.”

Lightware Visual Engineering expands integration partnerships.

(Image credit: Lightware Visual Engineering.)

Lightware and ADI Icon

Lightware’s unified communications powerhouse, Taurus UCX is a prime example of Lightware’s pioneering approach to USB-C solutions, and with the powerful combination of ADI Icron (part of Analog Devices), it pushes the limits of USB signal extension.

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Vida explains, “The future of meeting room connectivity is USB, and Lightware has developed its USB solutions to meet the growing demand in this area. We’re also leading the way when it comes to educating the global AV audience about the possibilities USB offers, to simplify the transmission of audio, video, control, and Ethernet signals made possible with USB-C. Since Icron is a market leader in USB technology and components, it was obvious to team up with them to pursue our common goal of simplifying signal management over USB.

Lightware and Cisco

Lightware’s established status as a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner is enhanced by sharing API capabilities for seamless integration of their respective devices. For example, Open APIs allow users to enhance Cisco Touch 10 and Room Navigator with additional buttons, widgets, and sliders from Lightware. Project-specific Lightware bundles can also be customized to optimize a Cisco Webex room to meet any need, scope, and budget.

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“Lightware devices are in hundreds of Cisco-powered meeting rooms around the world and serve a wide range of operations,” Vida said. “Deeper integration allows users to bring simple, consistent controls into any Cisco room application, allowing them to extend, expand, and exchange signals more easily than ever before.” We look forward to continuing this collaboration and working together to advance the audiovisual industry. »

Lightware and Utelogy Corporation

Utelogy is a leader in meeting room monitoring and management solutions, and with Lightware’s open API, they take meeting room equipment transparency and visibility to a whole new level.

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“Utelogy’s U-Automate solution allows users to easily monitor and troubleshoot their meeting room configurations remotely,” Vida commented. “Based on the information provided by the Lightware device – down to the chipset level – they are able to remotely identify and resolve issues that could otherwise compromise customer operations by unnecessarily delaying meetings.”

Lightware and Xyte

Xyte is a meeting room monitoring and management software provider with a particular focus on cloud-based solutions as well as HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service).

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“Xyte’s monitoring solutions provide real-time information to their users so they always know what’s going on in their AV systems,” Vida said. “This detailed information and data is pulled directly from Lightware devices deployed at customer sites and meeting rooms.”

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