LG launches new audio line with better performance


LG Electronics Australia has announced two new additions to the company’s audio lineup: the LG TONE Free FP series headphones (models FP9A, FP8A and FP5A) and the XBOOM 360 Bluetooth speaker (model RP4B).

These new audio products offer premium audio technologies, connectivity and attractive aesthetic designs for entertainment enthusiasts.

At a press briefing to reporters yesterday, the company said the audio products are compatible with iO and Android platforms.

Domestically, the company said the lineup includes features that demonstrate the company’s continued investment in audio innovation, including wireless charging on the FP9A model with the Plug & Play feature that enables the cradle to function as a Bluetooth transmitter, allowing use with AUX audio devices.

The stylish form factor of the XBOOM 360 portable speaker and advanced audio engineering intelligence deliver authentic omnidirectional sound, ideal for any home space and home entertainment.

Samantha Mikhael, Category Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Australia, said: “As we head into the summer months and the relaxation of lifestyle restrictions, Australians will reconnect with their friends and family. family.

“The LG TONE Free FP series headphones and the XBOOM 360 portable speaker are compelling entertainment and gift offerings for consumers, enhancing the experience both indoors, outdoors and moving. “

New to the LG TONE Free FP9A model is the “Plug & Play” function which allows the headphones to connect wirelessly to other devices with an AUX connection, which allows the charging cradle to act as a Bluetooth dongle.

Ideal for those who fly frequently and use exercise equipment, users can plug the cradle into a smartphone, game console, treadmill or other compatible devices via a USB-C to AUX cable, to enjoy their favorite audio.

LG continued the company’s long-standing relationship with Meridian for the FP series, bringing audio technologies such as Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) and 3D Sound Stage to a consumer product.

HSP envelops the listener in multidimensional sound while 3D Sound Stage expands spatial mixing, ideal for movies and smartphone games. In addition, the large speakers and improved diaphragms with silicone border deliver powerful bass and when paired with the TONE Free1 app, users can access an equalizer, Ambient Sound mode, customization of touch controls and a Find My Earbuds feature.

Active noise cancellation is featured on the new headphones, minimizing low frequency sounds.

The microphones on the ear cups listen to ambient noises and neutralize them by producing identical sound waves that are inaudible to the listener.

The new “whisper mode” offers call privacy, allowing users to hold the earpiece upright close to their mouth as a dedicated microphone, an ideal solution for making and taking calls in quiet and noisy environments.

The company’s UVnano functionality is back to the latest headphone models.

By integrating a UVC-LED lamp into the charging case, 99.9% of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria are killed after only five minutes of UVC exposure in the cradle for models FP9A and FP8A. hygiene, the new models also feature medical grade ear gels.

Finally, the FP9A offers up to 10 hours of playback time between charges, for a total of 24 hours of use when used with the charging cradle.

And with fast charging, five minutes in the case allows for up to an hour of listening, making the headphones ideal for times when users forget to charge overnight.

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