LG gets its spatial head-tracking audio groove with T90 TWS headphones

LG has announced the latest Tone Free true wireless headphones, including a flagship pair that combines active noise cancellation with spatial head-tracking audio for an immersive mobile listening experience.

LG promises an overall improvement in sound over previous Tone Free versions, thanks to a new internal bud structure and larger 11mm (0.43-inch) diameter dynamic drivers, but thanks to processing technology spatial from Meridian Audio’s headphones, listeners can also expect a wider, more natural soundstage, while Perfect Balance delivers consistent tonality at all volumes.

But for the flagship T90 headphones, users also get Dolby Atmos and Dolby head-tracking support, with the latter adjusting audio delivery as users move their heads for more realistic immersion when listening to music. , watch movies or play games.

Snapdragon Sound has also been integrated, for high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz playback and the promise of robust connectivity with low latency.

T90 TWS Earphones feature Meridian Spatial Audio, Snapdragon Sound, Active Noise Cancellation and UVnano Charging Case that doubles as a Bluetooth transmitter


A three-microphone setup and Voice Pickup Unit technology eliminate ambient noise when the user speaks, and the T90 headphones feature improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that uses a new high-sample-rate filter to more effective isolation of sounds from the outside world, while eliminating unpleasant and distracting feedback. A real-time optimizer, meanwhile, automatically adjusts performance based on the actual position of the headphones in the user’s ear.

The earphones, but not the charging case, are IPX4 rated for safe use in the gym or in a downpour, and come with medical grade silicone ear gels to reduce irritation when wearing them. are plugged in.

The company’s UVnano charging case blasts anchored buds with UV light to kill microbes that try to settle on ear tips, and can also act as a Bluetooth transmitter that can cut the cable between systems legacy audio and earbuds with an included USB-C. -auxiliary cable. Each earbud is rated good for up to 9 hours of mobile music with ANC off, plus an additional 20 hours are available from the charging case.

The T90 TWS headphones are set to release worldwide at the end of this month, but no pricing information has been revealed at this time. A version without Dolby head tracking and the ANC optimizer called T60 was also announced, along with a few new IP67 rated models aimed at active users.

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