Lenovo LP5 wireless headphones get a big discount

All music lovers these days use TWS headphones and earphones because wireless portability is just a winning formula. And the super compact size means you can easily hide them in a pocket of your jeans if needed. More and more big brands are entering the audio field with their own versions of the TWS formula and Lenovo is doing quite well. We’ve seen some pretty interesting models of them before, like the LP5 headphones. And with our price highlighted today, the Lenovo LP5 looks even better.

Most compact TWS headphones use smaller drivers, but Lenovo LP5 opts for the 13mm dynamic voice coil with dual diaphragm. This means much better sound quality with clear highs, solid bass, and distortion as low as 0.1K. The built-in microphone is also equipped with noise reduction technology, so that you also get clear HD calls. The headset is ergonomic and extremely portable, with each earpiece weighing only 3.6g. But the battery inside is still good at providing around 3.5 hours of music. And with the 250mAh USB Type-C charging case, you can easily extend it to 12 hours in total.

The design is also very smooth and luxurious and you can choose from silver or white color variants. But the best comes with the price. Because with the Black Friday offer and the discount coupon BFU you can lower the price to just $ 14.89 with free delivery from the Lightinthebox e-shop. This is a fairly large discount compared to the original price. So be sure to take advantage of the promo, which should be available until the end of January 2022.

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