Launch of the world’s first vinyl album that is also a guitar pedal

Indianapolis garage rock thrashers Brother O Brother have announced the release of their new album skin walker will be released as a guitar pedal. And if that doesn’t make sense, that’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s a vinyl record, and it’s also a guitar pedal.

This ungodly innovation comes from pioneering vinyl experimenters Romanus Records, who have something of a history when it comes to taking the humble long-player slots they’ve never been before. Romanus filled one LP with razor blades and gunpowder, embedded LEDs in another, and even worked on a limited-edition “liquid-filled snowglobe variant” vinyl edition of the comedy soundtrack. by Bill Murray Scrooged.

skin walker will be released as a pair of vinyl records, each significantly thickened to house the pedal electronics, with the control knobs positioned on the center labels. One pedal will offer overdrive/boost and feature a toggle switch to control two different channels, while the other is a delay pedal, with four settings to create unique delay combinations.

Although every vinyl LP/pedal is fully compatible with turntables, listeners will need a tonearm with adjustable VTA (vertical tracking angle) to lift the cartridge into a position where optimum hi-fi is achieved. And if none of that makes sense, Romanus has put together a handy video (below) demonstrating how it all works.

The skin walker the vinyl/pedal combo, which is the result of a collaboration between Romanus Records and Audio Disruption Devices, a Mooresville, IN-based company, is limited to just 35 units, which will go on sale on Romanus’ website (opens in a new tab) September 17 at 3:00 p.m. EST. For those less electronically inclined, the album will also be available in three more “normal” limited edition vinyl variations: tricolor, splash, and sand-filled glow in the dark.

“All gas, no brakes, skin walker refers to the Native American legend of shapeshifting humanoids,” says Brother O Brother, whose frontman Chris Banta is also the man behind Romanus Records. a cultural sense.

“The writing goals were to write the heaviest, psyche-infused LP we could while still communicating our message and story. The discussion of new and emerging AI technologies, mass surveillance, the great brother, along with political polarization at an all time high made the LP cathartic to write.

“We believe this is our most comprehensive work to date with more production, time and investment than ever before.”

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