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KUWAIT CITY, June 12: The Kuwait Oil Tankers Company (KOTC) is looking for workers from Pakistan, Poland, Bulgaria and Croatia to support its operations. These workers will be recruited via more than one contract specialized in this field, reports the daily Al-Anba. According to informed sources, the company’s plans for this year include the introduction of a practice related to the provision of maritime labor services as well as the provision of services to workers of Pakistani nationality on board ships. company tankers. This workforce specializes in providing services for inbound and outbound tankers owned or managed by KOTC for Pakistani seafarers under a third party contract.

The agent shall provide the required services to Pakistani maritime workers appointed to serve those on board the company’s tankers as per the requirements of Karachi Shipping Department Pakistan. This practice also includes the issuance of Sea Service Letters to agents for the purpose of issuing and reconfirming dangerous goods certification and qualification certificates, creating a database of permanently contracted agents onboard carriers and obtaining travel visas for designated agents at the request of the company.

In addition, it includes providing seafarers with experience appropriate to KOTC’s recruitment standards in return for an administrative fee payable. Payable receipts will be submitted for each sailor if meeting requirements are met by KOTC. The company will also introduce a practice of providing maritime labor and other services to workers on board the company’s tankers of Polish, Bulgarian and Croatian (Central European) nationalities.

Through this practice, it aims to provide services to join the tankers owned or operated by the company for maritime workers of Polish, Bulgarian and Croatian nationalities under a third party contract. It also aims to provide services for seafarers to join the training courses prepared by the company or a third party, and to appoint new maritime workers according to the needs and requirements of the company. In a related framework, KOTC aims to offer contracts in the form of invitation to tender, restricted exercise or mutual agreement on the list of companies approved by the company in order to provide consumables which arise according to the the company’s need to supply oil tankers with light foodstuffs. and basic necessities for people on board tankers based on tanker needs, movements and transport in world ports.

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