IT Sligo Helps Close Data Science Skills Gap Through Flexible Online Learning

After 20 years of software engineering work in various industries and government departments, Darragh Sherwin, Development Team Leader at Overstock Ireland, and current student at IT Sligo, noticed he lacked skills compared to his colleagues. , following a move to another department within Overstock.

Darragh Sherwin, Development Team Leader at Overstock Ireland, and current student at IT Sligo

“My team recently moved into Overstock’s Algorithms Department, which employs a large number of data scientists, machine learning (ML) scientists, and ML engineers. The move highlighted a skills gap I had in Data Science, I had always had the idea to continue my education and study the part-time Online Master in Data Science at IT Sligo seemed be a natural alignment. I was moving to a department where data is critical and where there are changes across all industries to be more data driven, ”says Sherwin.

Data science is now the backbone of any industry and current trends indicate that it will gain even more importance in the years to come. If businesses are to be successful, it is essential that they rely on data science to make decisions based on information and trends.

Due to the growing importance of data, data scientists are now in high demand and IT Sligo is helping fill the current data science skills gap with their part-time online masters in data science.

The course includes a combination of statistical analysis, modeling, machine learning, and data visualization. Applicable to any industry, it combines techniques from mathematics, statistics, information theory, computer science and artificial intelligence. Automated driving, consumer purchasing habits, medical imaging, business intelligence, fraud / risk detection and voice recognition are just a few applications. Masters students will design data analysis techniques, interpret and manage big data using software, machine learning, and probabilistic and statistical methods.

On why he chose the IT Sligo course, Sherwin says; “Overstock has worked closely with IT Sligo, we hire graduates from IT Sligo and they are still of an impressive caliber. The course modules correspond to my understanding of the field and give the students a good foundation.

Choosing to study a part-time online course allows students to develop for their careers while working full-time

Suitable for engineers who need a background in data science or those who have already completed a Level 8 Honors BA in Computer Science (or related disciplines), this master is offered part-time and online with live lectures. The evening. You can study anywhere and at your own pace.

“It’s great to have the flexibility to study online. I have a young child, so if I have to miss a lecture, I can come back and watch it later. There are great online resources for learning and the university seems to have paid special attention to making studying online run smoothly with their tools like Moodle and Microsoft Teams, ”says Sherwin. Choosing to study a part-time online course allows students to develop their career skills while working full-time.

A data science qualification can lead to exciting careers in a range of industries, including IT, financial services, retail, and manufacturing. These roles are not limited to IT positions, but can lead to roles in business intelligence, analysts or data warehouse consultants. The rewards for such positions are also attractive, starting salaries ranging from € 40,000 with senior data scientists commanding annual salaries in excess of € 100,000.

Online learning at IT Sligo is ranked number one for the most flexible learning students in the Good University Guide 2021. With over 150 online courses available, IT Sligo is Ireland’s leading online provider. Through innovative online teaching methods, students around the world can study and graduate with fully accredited online qualifications tailored to industry demand.

Applications are now open for the Master in Data Science at IT Sligo, starting part-time, online Monday January 17, 2022. Apply here –

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