Is Rabbitscams legit? Detailed review of how it works

Have you ever heard of rabbit scams? If you’ve searched the web for live cam sites or adult chat rooms, you’ve probably come across this still relatively new adult cam site.

Since this site currently ranks so high in search, we are discussing what it costs to use if it is a legitimate adult cam site or a scam, how it works. when it comes to chatting with girls on cam, and much more.

Take a few moments to read our reviews and find out the truth on the sex chat room site called

Ready, ready, go. Let’s see what is is really happening with the big pump behind the rabbitscams.

A Lapinscams Expose; A whistle!

You can’t really fault someone for getting their marketing started, but as a user of Rabbitcams or as someone who researches how rabbitcams work; we think you should know (up front) that this adult video chat site is just an affiliate version of the real deal. Hey, nothing wrong with that, but let’s take a closer look.

You see Rabbitscams is only a third-party version of Streamate. Indeed, there are a lot of hot babes on the Rabbitcams cam and the free membership options are great, the post-pay system is pretty cool too, but it’s NOT a webcam site at all for original adults.

That’s all we’re saying and we are sharing this because a bunch of people running this cam site really have no idea.

Warning: First of all, we love the underline platform that powers this clone, and if you decide to use this method to join the platform, you will have more power. Yes for sure it is just not an original platform and we dispute that the clone affiliate version ranks against the root platform.

Not an original live cam site

Let me explain. First, take a look at the screenshots of the two versions of rabbit webcams:

rabbitscams is a white label / clone. Are you looking for proof? just check out the two comparison images.

Okay, so that was from Now let’s take a look at RabbitsCams.Sex (another duplicate). More recently this was redirected from another platform, but it’s just the white label clone with a silly green bunnies logo. A simple redirect and a few name server changes and anyone can make a site like this, but that doesn’t make it any more legitimate than any other white label copy site.

rabbitcams has a variety of different URLs, but none of the clones on the rabbit cam site are original!

In fact, rabbit webcams are only a white label or cloned version of which is, in fact, a great adult webcam site. However, you should not confuse them as one is the truly original platform and the other is a clone.

Therefore, you should really go and read our Streaming Reviews for the full opinion on what to expect using the rabbitscams platform.

We’ve shared some of the general features of the real platform here, but it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time on how rabbit cameras work due to the fact that it’s just another clone and most people know they have to go to the host platforms for those duplicate sites. .

Always remember to subscribe to the TRUE or rather to the original version which is still called

That said, take a closer look at these two sites as well as the original via our Streamate screenshot. These captures were taken at the same time, about a minute apart. Do you notice anything strange? YOU SHOULD. It is an identical layout, same exact site, and cam girls but with a different logo. Now you catch it!


site that feeds rabbitscams
This is the ORIGINAL WEBCAM SITE that powers the rabbit cams.

That said, since Rabbit webcams are consuming a big marketing budget to trick people like you into thinking they have something unique or even a new live cam site, we’re here to explain how rabbitscams work. and answer that question that so many people ask. “Is Rabbitcams really free?

To answer that, let me explain with some screenshots how you pay and what you pay to watch girls live on cam here. Throughout my explanation, don’t forget to register on, because in case the webmaster operating this redirected domain and brand changes destination, you will be redirected.

Therefore, we also suggest going to the real source where the content is delivered from.

This REAL, TRULY ORIGINAL live sex cam site is called once again

Okay. So the rabbit cameras will continue to perform well and we are happy to see a successful marketer, but just to let you know that these are the features provided by the Streamate platform, and the domain name with a new logo on the top is just that; a logo with a split going to a webmaster somewhere.

Features and costs of Rabbitscams

  • Free membership gives you access to models. You can message them and see them live and make requests, but no real nudity is allowed until you set up your credit card. The great thing is that once you do, it’s easy to figure out what you’re really paying for. This is the main selling point of the platform.
  • There are literally tens of thousands of girls on cam.
  • All major credit cards are accepted. Charges are rounded to the nearest second and all you need to do to stop per-minute billing is to click on the “X” in the upper right corner. You can also confirm that you have signed out of the premium show and the per-minute charges have stopped because you are asked to leave a 5-star review. It looks like this.
  • You can also leave a tip but this is completely optional.
  • You can favorite all cam girls while browsing live sex chat rooms

For the benefit of our readers, we’ve even spent some real money on rabbittscams. Specifically, we went to their sex chat rooms and had a show with VioletMillerr. Here is the order of operations for our test and what we were billed for.

Step # 1 – Checking the price per minute at Rabbitscams

rabbit scams
This camera model on rabbittscams charged us $ 2.99 per minute.

Step # 2 – Checking Out How To Stop The Actual Charges And How The Costs Work For Live Sex Cams.

rabbit webcams
Our rabbit webcams test was to be expected since this is a clone site. We would always suggest the original.

Step # 3 Make Sure You Can Stop The Clock

sex cam site test
Our sex cam site test met our expectations for this video chat site. This is what you will see after leaving a show.

Step # 4 Checking What We Spent

fresh from rabbitscams
Rabbitscams costs depend on the model you select, but here you can track your actual spending and also see what you have spent. ECHST.NET is how the fees will appear on your card on file.

Simple enough. However, we know this because once again I tell you this is a copy and this is where I advise anyone to register on this platform simply due to the widely known fact that this is the REAL SOURCE of where everything is served that you see on this site .

Rabbitcams review summary

It is true that there are a lot of live chat rooms open here 24 hours a day and it is also a really fun place for sex chat. The problem we have is the drastic pumping of this site to what are claiming to be neutral adult camera review sites.

For example, do you really think, and rank it as the best live sex cam sites because it is or because they are the affiliate that is launching the marketing this cam site? YOU HAVE TO BE SOMEONE WITH A FINANCIAL MOTIVATION.

Case in point: TopChats on has this to say about the site…

“RabbitsCams is a leader in the sex cam industry. It has some hot European pro models, tons of cool features, and a beautiful layout that makes everything simple. If you are looking for an easy to use cam site with shows that will blow your mind, this one is for you. Whether you are looking for a quick fling or even want to become a regular, RabbitsCams will make it happen. With the ability to view HD quality webcam shows and the ability to enter into full screen, you will feel like the models are right there in the room with you. There are many live shows available for free and you can jump right in without even having to create an account. So if you are looking for a cam site fantastic sex, you’ll want to try RabbitsCams.

REALLY?! If that’s what you want to call a clone cam site.

The reality is how rabbitscams work exactly like streamate, because it is Not to mention the second you sign up and get your free streamate account, you can actually log in and use the bunny webcams, so why not sign up through the source site.

This is because the rabbit sex cams including and are just duplicate sites operated by an affiliate marketer but powered by the major cam sites which of course offer the version original.

They do the same stunt with CamRabbit but instead using LiveJasmin as a platform.

Again, we just thought you should know the truth! The real story here is that the “Rabbit Reviews” own these sites and the review sites that rank them first. They’ve been doing reviews on top porn sites for years. Which apparently they have now somehow decided that their own new logo on a white label clone of an original cam site makes their cam site the best on the web. Guaranteed lepornude receives bribes for the positive twist he puts on this cam site.

That’s crap of course, but those are the facts as to what’s going on with these branded clones.

Likewise, I would just add that these are the same antics as jerkmate is up to; all foam and no beer. It’s a huge waste of time like Chatiw or free chat now!

We hope you found our rabbitcam reviews useful, because when no one else tells you what it is, BACS always does! This is still a fun and safe live sex cam site that is completely safe to use, but just realize that you have registered via white label.

We also don’t give a clone more than 1 in 5 stars because it is nothing original. Why not save up and find out what we have after using live cam sites for over a decade; read our list of best adult cam sites.

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