Introducing Dubler 2 – Voice-to-MIDI in real time



Dubler 2: Transform your voice into MIDI, instantly.

As an extension of their award-winning Dubler Studio kit, Vochlea Music is launching today Doubler 2 an advanced, software-only voice-to-MIDI desktop application that lets you turn your musical ideas into reality, using voice.

LONDON- Amateur or pro, the most instinctive way for a musician to communicate an idea for a melody, bassline or rhythm is to use their voice, our integrated tool for musical expression.

While musical ideas can be easy to sing along to, accurately capturing those ideas using traditional instruments or MIDI controllers can be difficult, even for the most accomplished musician.

“Voice-to-midi is like a dream come true, imagine how many times you have had a melody or vibration and you haven’t been able to translate it exactly the way you want. Now you can. “- ROMANTIST

Presentation Doubler 2, a standalone, software-only desktop voice to MIDI application from Vochlea Music that can turn your musical ideas into reality, just by vocalizing them.

Using all the timbral qualities of the voice, Doubler 2 allows musicians to trigger samples, control synths, play chords, manipulate filters and effects, lock a key, follow pitch, pitch bend, and control envelopes, velocity and MIDI mapping values ​​simultaneously, depending on how they produce their unique sounds.

“With Dubler 2 I can do chord progressions that unless I have rubber fingers I just couldn’t play.” – GAKA

Doubler 2

Now with Doubler 2, musicians can intuitively hum a synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drum kit, or manipulate effects and filters with an “eee”, “ooo” or “aaa” sound. All of them live completely.

“I’m really in love with the CC vowel mapping feature on Dubler 2. I have mine set up so that when I sing ‘aaa’ you get some decay control and then others like ‘eee’ stutter. It’s just the perfect thing for singers and beatboxers. Really anyone who wants to express themselves with their voice.

Doubler 2

Doubler 2 works with all DAWs and training your voice to software takes less than 30 seconds, allowing musicians to start creating virtually immediately, delivering workflows at record speed, while simultaneously providing expression and control unmatched.

Users can access for free 7 day trial on and be able to quickly integrate it into their workflow by calibrating it with their favorite dynamic microphone, allowing them to immediately experience the power of their voice in their workflow.

“What Dubler 2 opened up for me, what is really, really useful, is being able to use my own microphone. Because as a drummer, if I sing while playing the drums, most microphones pick up all the drum sounds. Each drum has its own pitch, has its own tone, and it’s louder than my voice. But it allowed me to use specially designed vocal mics with close-up shooting patterns and allowed me to sing very close to the microphone and get pure Dubler 2 sound. ”- CHIMNYO

Doubler 2

Features of Dubler 2:

  • Your voice in MIDI, instantly: Dubler 2 lets you use your voice as a live MIDI controller with low latency for real-time live control.
  • Autonomous : Dubler 2 will work with any DAW such as Ableton, Logic, Reason, FL Studio, ProTools, GarageBand etc.
  • Use your own microphone: A new calibration process allows you to make Dubler 2 compatible with your favorite dynamic microphone. (The Dubler microphone will still be available for purchase).
  • Suitable for you: Dubler 2 learns your voice in less than 30 seconds.
  • Balance: 14 scales with advanced key detection and suggestion.
  • Ground: Fixed keys for pitch assist and live pitch tracking to control melodic instruments and synths.
  • Voice timbre mapped to 3 DC outputs: Control of voice activated effects, mix, filters and more.
  • Advanced chords: Library of chord presets, voice options, custom chord options and more.
  • Advanced pitch bend: IntelliBend– a smart pitch bend that will anchor you to a note until you want to get away from it and TruBenda pitch bend that precisely follows your voice.
  • Sensitive velocity and envelope tracking.
  • Percussive recognition to select and trigger up to 8 samples.
  • Multi-channel MIDI output: Allows simultaneous control of pitch and percussion.
  • Use non-vocal sounds as triggers: Dubler 2 can also be trained to click, clap, tap, etc.
  • More accessible: Dubler 2 will be software only with a 7-day free trial available for users before purchase.
  • Customizable audio settings: Allows professional configurations with advanced audio interfaces.
  • Compatible with external MIDI hardware and devices.
  • Integrated audio: A selection of synth presets and a sample pack of 808, allow you to play with Dubler 2 without connecting to a DAW (a DAW is always required for recording).
  • Ultra light on the CPU: A completely rebuilt engine with performance improvements, making Dubler 2 ultra light on the CPU.
  • A new user interface: A more intuitive tab-based user interface and design, which makes Dubler 2 easier to navigate than Dubler 1.

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