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Mike and Ken Goldhawk stand behind the mixer in their new studio, Goldhawk Sound.

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A father and son team up to capture the best sounds of Ridgetown.

Mike and Ken Goldhawk recently opened a recording studio located at 62 David Street in Ridgetown.

With over 50 years playing for groups such as Midlife Crisis and Devil’s Rejects, working in various groups across southern Ontario as a vocalist, drummer, bassist and keyboardist, Mike Goldhawk is no stranger to creating music. .

The 400 square foot jam studio, packed with equipment, is Mike’s fourth studio. This time, however, he is not alone, as he has teamed up with his son.

Ken Goldhawk is the sound engineer for Goldhawk Sound. Like his father, he’s no stranger to the music industry, having been in a few bands together over the past two years. Ken received an Honor Roll Status Diploma from the Audio Institute of America in Recording Engineering and Music Production.

The studio is large enough to accommodate duets, groups of five to seven musicians, and medium-sized choirs.

“I’m very proud of the results we’ve achieved and would love to share them with anyone who wants to create anything from memorabilia to demos,” said Mike Goldhawk.

According to Mike, the soundproof control room is digitally equipped for any recording or video project.

The Goldhawks are well equipped to help all types of musicians achieve the best sound. The recording studio has a Behringer X32 digital mixer with 32 inputs and 32 outputs used for both recording and live music production.

Along with Studio One 5 Professional software, they are also able to provide unlimited tracks with plenty of effects and plugins to optimize creativity. The Goldhawks also use Filmora Ten and are capable of producing videos as well.

The Goldhawks added that they are also able to maintain guitars and drums for cleaning, tuning and repairs.

Aspiring artists are welcome to bring their own equipment or take advantage of in-house selections.

Mike said the studio is open to everyone, whether it’s a professional band, a local musician, or parents who just want to record their kids singing or playing an instrument. for a memory.

“We would really love to be able to offer this service to clients who might just want to record family members for a keepsake, as well as serious workgroups who wanted a quality recording to help them sell their band,” he said. Mike said.

While the studio has a professional atmosphere, run by professionals with many years of musical experience, Mike stressed that the services offered will not break the bank.

“We want to bring in people who just want to learn and try to come just for the experience and to have fun,” he said. “We can help them and we won’t break the bank. “

The services offered by Goldhawk Sound are offered by appointment only. For more information, aspiring musicians can email mailto: [email protected] or visit their website at



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