INFOBIT launches the new iSound PA20 Dual 20W audio amplifier

INFOBIT AV, the renowned manufacturer of high-performance audio/video products, takes value and performance to a whole new level.

The iSound PA20 is a compact digital amplifier ideal for small to medium meeting rooms or lecture halls. Its flexible modular design makes it both compact and powerful. The refined feature set delivers high-quality sound reproduction, but without unnecessary extras. The innovative loop-out feature allows complete on-the-fly scalability, meaning multiple units can deliver the same power and quality as a much larger audio system, but for a fraction of the cost.

digital amplifier

High-performance, highly efficient Class-D amplifiers save power and deliver 40W mono (20W per stereo channel @ 4 Ohms) at 8 Ohms for each output zone.

daisy chain

Loop output allows for flexible scalability. It provides input signal transmission to the next amplifier or it can simply be used as a line level output, making it easy to integrate between multiple units or other hardware.

Double entries

Two switchable inputs plus a separate mic make this a complete all-in-one audio presentation solution.

Microphone support

All microphones are supported – 48V phantom power, dynamic mic and wireless mic. Combined with its auto-mute function and built-in noise cancellation, it ensures perfect sound reproduction mixed into the output every time.


To perfectly adjust your system to the environment, volume, bass and treble controls are provided via the front panel button IR and RS232 remote control.

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