Human Noise shares some studio shots of their debut album recording


An album that saw the light of day across Tasman in New Zealand with a recording session in early 2019, indie rockers from Sydney Human Noise have finally released their debut LP ‘Animal People’.

A ten-track record with songs spanning topics like friendship, anxiety, frustrations and self-criticism, the band worked with producer Ben Edwards (Julia Jacklin, Aldous Harding, Marlon Williams) in New Zealand. for the majority of the tracks on the album; as well as recording two songs with a friend of the band, Blain Cuneen, at his Sydney suburban home in Belfield.

“At the end of 2017, I came out of a very long period of session touring which had left me quite creatively frustrated and which coincided with the end of a long-term relationship,” said the frontman of the group, songwriter Eddie Boyd.

“I had a feeling that the following year would be quite fruitful creatively, so I decided to set aside three weeks of recording in early 2019 before writing songs.

“It was a pretty scary decision, but I thought it would also be a very good motivation to have me write. I had to post a deposit and book flights to New Zealand so there was no way to go back.

“I had never written on a deadline before and it turned out to be something that worked really well for me.”

Fans of Rat! Hammock, Sonic Youth and The Strokes will find Human Noise’s indie punk style pleasing to the ears.

“I really thought from the start that this would be a breakup album, but it became just as much about anxiety, friendship and self-criticism,” Eddie adds.

“I hit the one-year deadline with ten songs. We ended up doing a bit of chopping and changing in the next year – I wanted to add a few songs and take a few out.

“I’m really glad we spent the extra time getting it right. This is the first job I’m completely proud of and can’t wait to share it.”

The choice to record with Ben Edwards stems from a previous experience the band had with him, as Eddie explains.

“In January 2019 we flew to Lyttelton, New Zealand to record the album with Ben Edwards. Ben is a great producer and it’s great fun working with him. We had recorded our first album (released under Boydos) with him in 2017 and we were very excited to work with him again.

“We stayed at the studio which has this amazing view of Lyttelton Harbor. The daily schedule usually involved a slow morning with an 11 or 12 o’clock check out and then we would work late into the night.

“Once the instrumental follow-up was done, we were going to do these long drives through the New Zealand countryside in Ben’s van, trying to pick the right take for each track. Once we picked the takes, I spent a couple of times. days singing, then we got stuck in overdubs and little glitter on top. “

During the recording process, the band made sure to take a few studio shots, a few of which they share here.

View of the studio in Lyttelton, NZ

That’s what we woke up to every morning when we recorded most of the album in New Zealand with Ben Edwards. Ben lives in the main house, there is a small hut at the back for the group to sleep in, and the studio is a converted garage at the front.

Lyttelton Clay Tracking Voice

Guess we were on the verge of layering vocals and overdubs when this was taken. I still find this part of the process so fun. It would have been for ‘One Time’ or ‘Bad Language’ I think.


Eddie follows the voice at Blain’s in Sydney

We unfortunately didn’t get many pictures in NZ, but this one follows voices in Sydney with Blain Cuneen. We recorded ‘Animal People’ and ‘The Will Of Others’ with Blain at his home in Belfield.


Group mixing session

Looks like it was a mixing session or maybe a regrouping between takes. Blain basically converted his house into a recording studio.

It’s in one of the bedrooms which is now the control room. He made holes in the walls to get the conduits out to his garage, which is the amp room. Sorry Blain if your landlord reads.


Lunch break

This is a classic dinner break with pasta and a white dish. At both Ben’s and Blain’s, we usually started monitoring around noon and worked late into the night. I like a good late night recording session. Nothing like.


Dates of the human noise tour 2021-2022

Fri 5 Nov – Stag & Hunter (Newcastle)
Thu, Nov 25 – The Vanguard (Sydney)
Fri Nov 26 – Beaches (Wollongong)
Wed Dec 8 – Small Time (Melbourne)
Thu 16 Dec – La La La’s (Wollongong)
Thu Jan 20 – The Retreat (Melbourne)
Thu Jan 27 – Sideway (Canberra)

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