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It’s a bit like Netflix. When a great series ends, the first thing fans want to know is: when and where can we watch season 2? “We are off on a new adventure, but the scenario is a little different,” explains Daniel Faigaux, head of sponsorship and events at Banque Mirabaud. “We developed this mini-series project after bringing together a team to compete in the Bol d’Or Mirabaud. In 2021, in the midst of Covid, the initiative gave us a reason to be present on social networks, and to get people talking about us.

This original project took shape after discussions with the organizers of the largest indoor regatta in the world. But there was a major issue: if the Bol d’Or Mirabaud is very present in French-speaking Switzerland, it is less known on the German side. And internationally, only France has strong links with the regatta, after some of its best offshore sailors decided to come and compete against the capricious winds of Lake Geneva. “For us, it is also important to be able to reach a wider international audience, continues Dany Faigaux. “Banque Mirabaud is active in many countries and the Bol d’Or, through its prestige and history, deserves to be better known outside our borders.

Hublot – The Sailing Squad Mirabaud © Hublot

A legendary trainer

The team they have put together is young, dynamic, talented and international. And their coach is a sailing superstar in his own right. “Shirley Robertson was the obvious choice,” notes Dany Faigaux. “She has huge sailing experience, but she’s also an incredible communicator. She has worked for years with major mainstream media outlets including CNN and the BBC. Shirley is the voice of the America’s Cup.

Before honing her skills on the mic, she had huge success at the helm of different classes of boats. This Scottish, who has lived in Cowes for 20 years, has never let success go to her head. She won two Olympic gold medals – solo in the Europe class in Sydney in 2000, and alongside Sarah Webb and Sarah Ayton in a Yngling in Athens in 2004 – and received an OBE. All that to say that Banque Mirabaud has found a true great lady of sailing to supervise its Sailing Squad.

The Mirabaud Sailing Squad is back for an exciting new season

Hublot – The Sailing Squad Mirabaud © Hublot

100% female team

Shirley Robertson will have the opportunity to coach an all-female team aboard the state-of-the-art foiling yacht, the Persico 69F. “It’s a much more dynamic boat, which corresponds to our time, underlines Dany Faigaux. “We know it’s a risk, because if the wind is weak for the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, things will be difficult for our Sailing Squad. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the excitement and adventure that precedes it. This is what we will communicate in our mini-series in four episodes.

The first three episodes take place in Valence, France, where the team met for training in April. The four young women had the opportunity to get used to the boat and gel as a team, on and off the water. “The Sailing Squad is a high-level sailing experience, but it’s also a great life experience for these young women with extraordinary talent”, notes Dany Faigaux.

The Mirabaud Sailing Squad is back for an exciting new season

Hublot – The Sailing Squad Mirabaud © Hublot

Seamen :

Daniela Moroz (USA): 5 x kitefoil world champion, 2 x Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year
Amanda Bjork-Anastassov (SUI): 2017 Nacra 15 World Champion
Francesca Bergamo (ITA): 2 European and 4 Italian titles in the Optimist, Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial classes
Odile Van Aanholt (NED): 2021 World and European Champion, 49er FX

The coach:

Shirley Robertson (GBR)

The boat:

A 69F owned by the CER (Regatta Training Center)

Broadcast schedule:

May 30: Trailer
June 2: Episode 1
June 6: Episode 2
June 10: Episode 3
June 15: Episode 4

The episodes will be broadcast on the Mirabaud Group’s YouTube channel from May 30.

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