How we rank cam sites (review criteria)

The webcam sites themselves usually ask me what our criteria are for the webcam site reviews we post. You know those guys who pump reviews for their own lousy cam sites or don’t see a big difference between a one-off experience and a copy. 🙂

Usually these people think we should give them the same scores that the main platform got. Often times, they too feel despised that their ratings are not based on their marketing prowess, but rather on what actual users of their websites will experience.

Our focus is and always will be on you, the real users of the cam 2 sites; customers. This is why we made ourselves known for our informative and transparent information adult video chat reviews.

We make an effort to highlight the main differences between video chat sites.

10 Interesting Facts About Brad The, “Cam Site Guy”!

    1. First of all, never spam yourself and our website is free of pop-ups and annoying stuff that interferes with your ability to read information we feature on every webcam site.
nude live chat sites
We compare nude live chat sites.

2. We realize that facts matter. I earned Brad the nickname, ‘Cam Site Guy’ by providing more detail than any other resource on the most visited adult cam sites.

3. I will never gloss over things that constitute bullshit or skip important and sometimes hard-hitting facts on a webcam site.

4. My motto is not to prepare it to prepare for failure. I don’t just use every webcam site I talk about, but literally study every facet of every site.

5. I regularly meet the people behind the cam sites and study the companies in order to fully understand the direction of the development of the services and products they offer.

6. I have researched, reviewed and written on live video chat sites since 2014. I add my own sarcasm and a bit of over-the-top humor to make learning about the different cam to cam sites more fun. And no, as I often joke, I don’t live in my mom’s basement.

7. If you spot an error on BACS, ping me on skype to share it: Ronnyl2288 is my skype user id. I really appreciate your commitment and your help in keeping the site as error free as possible.

8. You won’t find me chatting at live porn industry conferences or fake “networking” at junk conventions. I don’t favor one website over another and explain the value I see as the basis of this one in every review. I focus on sharing unique information on webcam chat sites. Don’t you know what I mean yet?

“Go read on Pornhublive, SaleRoulette, Jerkmate, CamFuze, CamModels, or xHamsterLive and you’ll quickly see that we’re actually going to find out which cam sites are unique and which just borrow technology from the underline platforms. The point is not whether the copies are safe, the point is are they the first source “. – Brad

9. The webcam sites I choose to cover are the most relevant. I determine relevance by the number of visitors searching for a site, talking about a site, or using a cam site.

10. I monitor news and social media regarding the webcam chat industry to keep an eye out for future cam 2 cam sites.

However, readers may also be curious as to what factors play into our reviews. Therefore, today I wanted to share an infographic that explains what exactly we are doing here on

Best webcam sites infographic
If you watch this, “Best Infographic Websites” long enough, it’ll give you a headache.

Criteria for our reviews on webcam sites

These are things we know readers would want to know about …

  1. Is your shit real? If you pump the types of black-labeled or white-labeled webcams which are just logos compared to other platforms and market them as the best thing because the chances of sliced ​​bread are good. I will tell my readers where to find the original platforms.
  2. Is the webcam site fast loading enough to be viewed and USED on mobile devices? If my grandma can save cookies faster than your camwhores can be seen, you might be wondering if you are in the right company.
  3. Is your webcam site trying to membership fees for free industry-wide services on almost every other sex cam site? This would be one reason why your sites might have a lower score. Check out the blog and see what I mean.
  4. CHECKING THE AGE: This is my biggest pet peeve and I’m known for roasting sites that give the webcam chat industry a black eye by allowing minors to access these adult services. This is NOT CORRECT and I regularly put sites like DirtyRoulette and other adult sites like Omegle on fire to make it unclear what is allowed on sites and to allow minors to lie and access these sites.

Besides these elements, the factors are quite simple and straightforward.

reviews on webcam sites
At the end of the day, I just want to do my best to make sure my reviews on webcam sites give you as much value.
  • Value for money
  • Characteristics
  • Prices / Costs
  • The reputation of the company behind webcam chat services

Jerking off people the right way …

The adult entertainment industry has a long history of being shady. Having said that, I’m relieved to say that in general the entertainment industry on webcam chat sites is somewhat of a different beast. The vast majority of video chat sites are very large, state-of-the-art, and focused on creating long-term value for users. With the exception of lower ranked sites which are not. 🙂

Listen, man. Cam sex sites are what we’re talking about here and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you already know the whole premise of what porn has changed over the past 20 years and over the past 10. Interactive porn cameras have essentially replaced the old porn video sites as the dominant form of adult entertainment.

Cam sex isn’t just a more enjoyable experience than watching free internet porn, it’s a better industry overall. The trick is to find the best cam sites.

I’ve taken enough of your time so allow me to share my farewell thoughts …

cam site info cam 2
We try to provide the most useful information on cam 2 cam sites.

Like most of you, I value my time and work hard to give you information on webcam chat sites so that you can save time, money and hassle; as well as staying more secure. Hope you find our transparency and focus on the facts refreshing and helpful.

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