How to start as a cam girl

Alright, look! Guys, girls, trans models and everyone; like so many sites on the web, we are not going to mislead you into thinking that you are a cam girl star and that you will make money overnight. Also, let me explain it to you.

The point is, most camgirls will end up earning less than minimum wage. Yes, I said it and this fact is true.

See here’s the thing. Women who are successful in business, whether it’s stripping naked or being a nude model, these same women are the most likely to be successful as a camgirl.

It’s a matter of strategy, focus and personal discipline. Like everything else in life, the harder you work, the more likely you are to be successful. I forgot who said this, but luck really is a hard work dividend, and the harder you work, the luckier you have.

I should also be bluntly honest and say that if you are completely overweight and ugly, or if you are hairier than a monkey; and you are probably going to have to focus on these and use your weaknesses as strengths; market yourself wisely and you can reap the benefits.

How to become an adult webcam model

The top tips for becoming a webcam girl should also warn you that it’s just not easy!

Yes, it’s a fairly straightforward process to get started however

Here’s a look at the best places to be an adult webcam model in terms of who pays the most and have the most men.

We suggest the top three cam sites as the best for cam girls who want to get started as models online. There are the best modeling sites on the Internet.

  • LiveJasmin, the biggest of all adult cam sites, is always recruiting models. You can register here.
  • The other best platform for modeling are the sites that run under streamate and (Flying croc) as there are over 10,000 white label sites that are exact duplicates (sites like that are operated by thousands of independent affiliates. operators who heavily market their individual sites. With millions of men using all of these sites every day, you have clients waiting for you anytime you want to work. When you model for this platform your camera is shown on over 10,000 sites and you can block our local state, city or even the whole country you live in so no one knows you are modeling on Internet. This benchmark below is also where the best camera model and even pornstars do internet modeling and that’s why we suggest this platform when it comes to internet modeling jobs. There is simply no better place for Internet models to work.
  • Chaturbate is of course the most active sex cam site and if you are ok with full nudity then register on chaturbate as a cam girl too. here.

The app to become a cam model is here.

Complete Adult Webcam Modeling App - CLICK HERE.
Complete Adult Webcam Modeling App – CLICK HERE.

These first-hand experiences of what it’s like to be an adult webcam model came from a collection of interviews with current adult webcam models on top sites, along with an overview of this. that the men live on the different sites. We’ve researched all angles of the adult camera industry and found that the platforms we suggest are where the camera models make the most money.

REMEMBER! The obvious rules apply everywhere, clearly you must be over 18 and obey all local laws and rules regarding adult cameras. From there, you’ll want to take the time to read the terms and conditions of each adult webcam modeling contract and be sure to verify that the commission structures you will receive are the most competitive.

List of the best webcam sites for models

cam sites that hire girls
Cam sites all literally still hire girls due to high burnout rates
  • The registration of the ImLive model is here.
  • The registration of the LiveJasmin model is here.
  • The registration of the Flirt4Free model is here
  • Saving the Streamate model is here.
  • Chaturbate model registration is here.

Want to explore this further? We wrote more about how to become a cam girl which you might also want to read if you are seriously considering a career as a webcam model.

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