How to Enable Voice Typing in Windows 11 2022 Tip

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Check how to enable voice typing in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest major version of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system which was announced on June 24, 2021 and succeeds Windows 10, which was released in 2015. Windows 11 was released to the public on October 5, 2021. Windows Update upgrade on eligible devices running Windows 10 and a free upgrade through the Windows 11 Setup Assistant. Windows 11 introduces major changes to the Windows shell affected by the rollback of Windows 10X, including a redesigned Start menu, replacing its “Live Tiles” with a separate “Widgets” panel on the taskbar, creating tiled sets of windows. Capacity is included. It can be minimized and repositioned from the taskbar as a group and on compatible hardware like the Xbox Series X and Series S with new legacy gaming technologies from Auto HDR and DirectStorage.

Earlier this year, Microsoft bought Nuance, long known for its speech recognition products. This particular purchase caught my eye because I have been using Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking for years. Even today, I use Dragon to drive the vast majority of the content I write. I’ve found that dictation allows me to type material much faster, as well as saves a lot of typing-induced wear and tear on my hands (which has sometimes been a problem in the past).

Of course, Microsoft was in the business of dictation long before the Nuance acquisition. Microsoft Office received built-in dictation capabilities a few years ago and even has the ability to transfer audio recordings. Still, I’ve found that, at least so far, Microsoft’s native transcription capabilities don’t match Dragon’s capabilities. That’s about to change in Windows 11. Like Windows 10, Windows 11 includes built-in dictation features, which Microsoft now calls voice typing. However, it looks like Windows 11’s voice input feature may be integrated into Nuance’s software. Before I tell you why this seems to be the case, let me take a step back and show you how to enable voice dictation.

How to Use Voice Typing Tool in Windows 11

To use the voice input tool in Windows 11, follow these steps:

  • Open the application in which you want to write.
  • Press the keyboard shortcut Win+H.
  • Click the microphone icon to begin.
  • Start saying something you want to write.
  • Click the microphone button to stop.

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