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Hinge is rolling out a new “Voice Prompt” feature to give its users a new way to connect with their matches. Voice prompts will allow users to respond to a prompt via a 30-second voice recording. The new functionality is being rolled out worldwide from today.

Hinge says the new feature allows people to give others a taste of who they are and perhaps hint at what a first date would be like. The feature will invite users to discuss a certain topic or share a specific funny story. For example, prompts can ask users to discuss their biggest failure or share a random fact that they like.

The company says 65% of its users think hearing someone’s voice would help them determine their interest in a game, as 75% of users said it was difficult to feel connected to a game when their conversation is limited to text and photos.

Hinge also plans to launch a new “Vocal Notes” feature later this fall. Voice notes will allow users to have a conversation that captures their personality while exchanging messages. Hinge says voice notes and voice prompts will allow people to better show who they are at different points in their dating journey.

Additionally, Hinge is updating their algorithm to help non-binary users better represent themselves while connecting with others on the app. To do this, Hinge will offer a “non-binary” genre category to ensure their gender is recognized.

It should be noted that Hinge isn’t the only dating app to add voice functionality, as audio options are becoming more and more popular in the space. For example, Bumble and Happn both have voice note features. Additionally, a new app called String allows users to communicate only through voice notes. It’s clear that dating apps are looking to take advantage of the convenience of voice notes to retain and attract more users, as the feature takes the annoyance out of a phone call but pushes the conversation beyond texts.

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