Hack your engine virtually | Hackaday

It’s no secret that we like to simulate circuits before building something and there are many great tools for that. But what about those of us who work on cars? Well, you can try engine-sim which is a real-time internal combustion engine simulation. Honestly, the program freely admits that it’s not precise enough to do engine engineering or tuning. But on the plus side, it has an audio output and is at least a good educational tool to show a running motor and how different parameters can affect it. You can see a video of the tool below.

[Ange-Yaghi] mentions that the code was primarily intended to power the YouTube demo. However, the Readme hints that it could be better – or at least different – and collaboration to improve it is welcome.

We know firsthand that a simulator doesn’t need to be completely accurate to give you an idea of ​​how things work. After all, most simulations for electronics don’t always model things like wire resistance and parasitic effects. We’ll leave it to the more motor savvy to tell us if this simulator is close enough to be useful.

Keypad controls allow you to toggle the ignition, shift gears using a clutch, and change the throttle. We would love to see a data screen like this for our current car engine and maybe using one of these Bluetooth dongles you could get close.

We remember a clock that was also an engine simulator, of sorts. If your simulation dreams focus more on electronics, there are plenty of choices out there.

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