Google is introducing some useful voice features with the Pixel 7


We can firmly say that Google’s voice recognition is very sophisticated and of a very high standard. And with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Google made it even better.

Direct My Call can now predict what the robocall will say

When you call various companies, like your carrier’s hotline, you typically listen to a long robocall that lists various options and slowly directs you to the hotlines to reach the support line you need. Well, if you have a Pixel 7, you won’t need to listen to such lists anymore. When used on the latest Google phones, Direct My Call can now predict what the automated message will say and give you a list of available options. Plus, you can choose the option you want before it’s even spoken. Now, how cool and fast is that?To note: Direct My Call is more of a Google Assistant feature, and we suspect it will come to other Tensor-equipped Pixels

Assistant voice input can now automatically suggest emojis

Using your voice to type is the fastest and most convenient way to chat on your phone these days. You just tell it what you want to write and your voice assistant will type the message for you. And now, on Pixel 7, assisted voice typing can automatically suggest relevant emojis to your messages, or you can search for an emoji with your voice. Plus, according to Google, Assistant Voice Typing is “much more forgiving now”, so in theory it should be easy to find the emoji you’re looking for.To note:Assistant voice input is more of a Google Assistant feature, and we suspect it will come to other Tensor-equipped Pixels.

Google Messages app can now transcribe voicemails

Do your friends prefer voice messages to traditional typing? If they do, you know that your situation does not always allow you to listen to their messages. If only you could read them, right? Well, with a Pixel 7 it is now possible.

On the latest Google phones, when you receive a voicemail message on Google Messages, you’ll see a new button just above it that says “View Transcript”. And when you tap on it, Messages will show you the received message in text format. This way you can always “hear” your friends’ voicemails.

To note: The feature will be available on all Pixel phones!

The all-new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are now available for pre-order. The Pixel 7 is priced at $599 and its bigger sibling is priced at $899. Both phones will hit shelves next week.

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