Google Assistant will soon recognize voice

Google Assistant now has a new feature to recognize your voice as Google Assistant is now working on a custom voice recognition feature.

According to the 9to5Google tool, the tool will allow the Google Assistant to become “the best tool for recognizing your words and names”. The “Personalized Speech Recognition” feature is now visible in the Google Assistant settings.

Audio is saved on the device and can be deleted at any time by disabling personalized speech recognition.

The upcoming feature appears to extend AT and ML-based enhancements beyond “Hey Google” to your actual Assistant commands; frequently spoken names and words have more preference.

The launch date has yet to be revealed by the company.

Advanced recognition of commands and contact names is supported by the voice recognition feature.

Google has privacy issues; Google provides an option for its users in the settings tab to choose custom voice recognition if they don’t want their voice recorded in the database.

A warning alert is also given by the virtual assistant software application to its users when they need to change their password and can even help them to change it.

Google mentioned that the new experience would roll out gradually, but it is seen that more than a handful of users have started using the feature on their devices.

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