Get Crisp Sound For Just $74 With This Amazing Zoom H1n Audio Recorder At B&H

Crisp sound can really elevate any video or podcast production and will often keep viewers engaged on YouTube, even if your video quality isn’t the best. So when you have the opportunity to simply invest $74 at B&H on the Zoom H1n (opens in a new tab)a professional audio recorder that deserves a place among our best audio recorders for filmmakers.

It’s a no-brainer to give your productions that extra sharpness, and what’s better is that you save $4. However, there is a catch…you have to buy the red one. But red is a great color and that also means you can find it more easily too.

Like other H-series Handy recorders such as the H5 and H6, you can hold it in your hand, attach it to a mic stand or tripod, or even mount it to a camera via the sold shoe mount separately. Born from the base of the original H1, the H1n packs a range of workflow and performance upgrades into a rugged package that’s more than ready to meet the varied demands of videographers and podcasters.

The H1n offers great battery life to its multiple audio enhancement features and is well equipped for tracking live performances, rehearsals and demos, or for recording sound effects, interviews and ambience. It can provide plug-in power for a lavalier condenser microphone or accept a direct line-level connection from a mixer or wireless receiver. Whatever the source, selectable Auto-Record and Pre-Record ensure you never miss the start of a take.

You’ll be able to record in true stereo without external microphones; the H1n is equipped with a built-in stereo microphone that provides clear and phase-accurate capture. The capsules are arranged in a classic 90° X/Y configuration for faithful stereo imaging. With nothing more than the H1n, you’re ready to record speech, practice sessions, concerts, or even the loudest ambient and environmental sounds up to 120dB!

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Sebastian Oakley

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