Genelec donates RAW 8331 and 8341 sales to AES

Genelec, the world leader in professional monitoring solutions, has expanded its line of RAW aluminum models to include The Ones Series 8331 and 8341 three-way coaxial studio monitors, with a portion of every sale of these new models being donated at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) throughout 2022.

Originally unveiled in 2020, the distinctive RAW finish is available on a selection of the most popular models from Genelec’s Studio, AV and Home Audio ranges, and has been warmly welcomed by customers around the world for its combination of durability and good looks. industrial design. . RAW versions require no painting and fewer finishing materials than standard painted models, creating an even more environmentally friendly speaker that lets the natural beauty of the recycled aluminum of the enclosure shine through and gives every speaker a unique look and feel.

All RAW models feature the timeless Minimal Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) design, developed by Genelec in close collaboration with renowned industrial designer Harri Koskinen. By eliminating edge diffractions, the MDE delivers an incredibly flat frequency response, precise imaging, and unparalleled acoustic performance. The slim enclosure is elegantly molded and beautifully finished to produce an extremely rigid structure with large internal volume – thus extending the frequency response while simultaneously reducing resonances and therefore the amount of internal damping material required.

Launched in 2017, the super-compact three-way point source models 8331 and 8341 offer extraordinary imaging, precisely controlled directivity in both planes, ultra-close excellence, extended frequency response and fatigue-free listening. This allows professionals to work faster and make more informed and consistent decisions when recording and mixing.

As part of Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring family, all models in The Ones range integrate tightly with GLM software, which can calibrate and control all of Genelec’s smart monitoring systems. Based on data from thousands of studios around the world, GLM is able to minimize the detrimental influence of room on sound, allowing the user to produce mixes that translate perfectly to other systems, whether the format is either stereo, surround, or high-channel-count immersive.

The decision to donate a percentage of RAW 8331 and 8341 sales to AES in 2022 stems from Genelec’s longstanding role as a sustaining member of society and the valuable work that AES brings to individuals. for career advancement and to the audio industry as a whole. AES’ crucial standards work, promotion of audio research, development of milestones and education covering the breadth of audio technology have driven the industry forward for over 70 years.

“Genelec has been an incredible partner for the Audio Engineering Society,” said Josh Reiss, President of AES. “We share a commitment to advancing the audio arts and sciences, which Genelec has proven by sharing resources and knowledge that advances our common mission. With the launch of its RAW loudspeaker series in 2020, Genelec further demonstrated this commitment by pledging a portion of the proceeds from the line to the Company. This commitment has been materialized by a significant donation which has helped to maintain the Company’s essential role in the audio industry during the dark days of the pandemic. Genelec is once again demonstrating its dedication to the Company with the announcement of a new commitment to pay AES a share of the proceeds from the 2022 sales of the new RAW version of Genelec’s The Ones monitors. The depth of the Company’s gratitude for Genelec’s partnership cannot be overstated.

“The RAW series is part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, which we consider to be of equal importance to cost-effectiveness and sound quality,” says Siamäk Naghian, General Manager of Genelec. “It’s clear that RAW’s popularity is a direct response to customers who are increasingly aware of environmental issues, but who also appreciate the opportunity to own a premium loudspeaker with a unique aesthetic appeal. As our flagship studio monitor line, we’ve received many requests to make The Ones models available in the RAW series, so we’re very pleased to have now perfected a way to produce the 8331 and 8341 to the same high standards than other RAW models. We are also delighted that the success of RAW is helping to contribute to the exceptional work AES does for our industry.

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