Gamevice Flex will solve the biggest problem with iPhone game controllers

Gamevice today unveiled its new Flex game controller that will allow you to play games on your iPhone without removing your phone’s case.

The Gamevice Flex is the next iteration of the original Gamevice controller, and is designed “to provide a seamless transition from console to mobile cloud gaming”.

The biggest new upgrade is compatibility with thousands of phone cases, which means you can play fast on the go without removing your phone case. The new controller has also been updated with features to make it more comfortable and familiar to console gamers, helping to provide that more seamless experience between console gaming and mobile cloud gaming.

Flex on them

The new Gamevice Flex for iPhone will retail for $109.95 and features new update buttons, Hall Effect triggers with longer range, improved ergonomics for extended playtime, and the return of Jack 3, 5mm.

Gamevice CEO Philip Hyun said, “Our goal with Gamevice Flex is to provide a seamless experience by removing all the barriers that have made cloud gaming on mobile devices a struggle and an inconvenience.” He continued “with today’s form-fitting mobile controllers, there are two major issues: the need to consistently remove the case from your phone, and, once finally in-game, controls that aren’t a seamless transition from console.Using our community feedback combined with our team’s years of design and manufacturing experience, Gamevice Flex will deliver the best mobile cloud gaming experience as more and more titles AAA are coming to the cloud.

Thanks to its buttons, the Gamevice Flex is an official ‘Designed for Xbox’ product. the new controller will be released in fall 2022 and will come with a one-month subscription to Xbox Games Pass.

A Gamevice controller is perfect for gaming on a device like the iPhone 13 thanks to its ergonomics, and it works well with services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and of course, Apple Arcade.

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