Flirt Invest to Reduce Payments to New Investors on November 1


We have already written about Brandon West and his Flirt Investing service, which allows you to invest cryptocurrency in the development of the largest network of webcam studios in Europe and receive huge passive income. Brandon West is also an ardent fan and bull of bitcoin and, like many, is talking about the price of $ 100,000 per bitcoin this year.

According to our inside information, the Flirt Invest service plans to reduce the percentage of profit to new investors from November 1, this is due to the fact that the company has almost collected the amount required for development. At present, the company pays 1-3% of the profit of the deposit amount daily. Daily earnings from all models are immediately distributed to investors. According to our information, the payments will be reduced by at least half, that is, they will be 0.5% to 1.5% per day, for current investors who have already deposited funds since. 1 year, the conditions will not change, they will continue to receive profits during the year under the current conditions.

The company told us it really plans to cut profits for new investors, but said the exact date has yet to be agreed by management.

In any case, the conditions do not change until November 1 and you still have the option of making a deposit and receiving a percentage of profit under the current conditions during the year.

Flirt Invest has already raised over $ 73,000,000 and plans to raise the remaining $ 27 million by the end of the year, after which the investment cycle will end and the company will stop attracting new investors. .

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