ED challenges creatives to tell “our own story”

CHAIRMAN Emmerson Mnangagwa challenged creatives to be patriotic in their industry.

He said this while officiating yesterday at the launch of Varsity Film Expo at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo.

Mnangagwa urged the creative sector and young people, in particular, not to use their skills and talents to promote national decadence and self-hatred.

“You only have one motherland, which is Zimbabwe. Love it, print it and protect it.

“In recognition of the various imperatives of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and our quest to develop a knowledge-based economy, my administration made the deliberate decision to include film, animation, cinematography, content production, video technology. drones, graphic design, sound engineering and the creative arts in general, as essential skills for the future, ”he said.

“I therefore welcome the partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education, universities and the Society for Cinematographic and Television Resources to promote the training of actors in the creative cultural industry.

Mnangagwa said the creative industry should help creatives convey the true story of “our great homeland by projecting a positive national image.”

“I therefore challenge the players in the sector to use their different strengths to promote our rich heritage and our vision of the future, by telling our own story, from our own perspective, with our own voices and images”, a- he declared.

“Going forward, this Varsity Film Expo must be central to the ongoing nation building and branding exercise.

“It must stimulate the creation and distribution of ‘proud of Zimbabwe’ film and broadcast content, while strengthening our country’s current diplomatic goal of being ‘friend to all and enemy to no one’.

He added: “You in the industry are called upon to promote Zimbabwean film to the world and present Zimbabwean culture to foreign audiences so that they develop a better understanding of us as a people.”

Mnangagwa said that the film exhibition and teacher development programs as well as ongoing capacity building initiatives implemented in universities and colleges should give impetus to the creation and consumption of artistic products and services. , cultural, sporting and recreational activities.

“The expression by the India-Africa Business Council to establish the Indo-Zimbabwe Film Commission to facilitate skills and cultural exchange for the growth of the film and film industry is commendable,” he said.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, among other stakeholders, must play a role in unlocking the opportunities that the commission has to offer. I call on the private sector to invest and support the “proudly Zimbabwean” film and audiovisual, music, theater and visual arts industries.

He added, “Likewise, newly licensed players in the broadcast space are encouraged to promote locally produced content. This is all the more important given that our young people remain the main drivers of digital content and users of information and communication technologies.

Mnangagwa said the state of local films and films should motivate people to be productive.

“At this point in our country’s development era, films and films should be made to motivate our people to be able to do more, through increased production and productivity,” he said.

He added that the government would continue to fund the arts and culture development fund to support young emerging filmmakers and other artists in the creative cultural industries.

“As recently announced in the 2022 national budget, my government will continue to fund the arts and culture development fund, to support young, talented emerging filmmakers and other artists from the creative cultural industries,” he said. .

The film exhibition, courtesy of Film and TV Resources directed by Kwanele Hlabangana and Kudzai Chikomo in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, takes place under the theme Vivid: amplifying the SDGs through cinema and digital media.

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