Herndon, USA, September 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For commercial and programmatic support of Spectronic covert surveillance technology

DTC and D3S today announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership in which D3S will defend DTC’s Spectronic covert surveillance technologies to undisclosed US defense, Intel and security agencies. The agreement brings together Spectronic’s leading covert audio and video surveillance solutions, with D3S’ proven integration capabilities as well as its training, management and support services.

Paul Moskowitz, Senior Vice President of Sales and Solutions Development, said, “Delta 3 Solutions is exactly the type of partner we are looking for. They provide the expertise customers want, the ability to ensure customer requirements are met, and the relationships that create expanded opportunities for DTC.

“We have been following DTC and their Spectronic products for years. In fact, many of our employees are former Spectronic DTC users. We have evaluated DTC’s products in the context of our customers’ needs. Its form, function and usability meet our strict standards of representation and support. We are happy to provide solutions with their technology. said Mike Brantley, CEO of Delta 3 Solutions.

About DTC, Domo Tactical Communications

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) has been at the forefront of innovation for over 50 years, developing advanced communications technologies for successful operations in demanding environments, where COFDM technologies provide longer range and penetration. As a global leader in wireless communications, DTC works with military, law enforcement, counterterrorism units, governments, robotics and autonomous operations, and system integrators on key surveillance and communication.

DTC’s mission-critical solutions secure, share and communicate real-time video, voice and data to enable Shared Situational Awareness (SSA) on land, sea, water and air. DTC’s state-of-the-art Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) mesh radio solutions offer ultra-low latency, end-to-end encryption, and are used worldwide aboard USV, UAV, and UGV platforms to support mobile, semi-autonomous, and long-range autonomous operations.

DTC was acquired by Codan in 2021. DTC consists of Spectronic, Corp Ten International and Domo Broadcast Systems. Backed by an award-winning team of engineers, DTC’s trusted technology is at the heart of everything we do.

DTC has a global reach, with regional offices based in the US, UK, Denmark, Dubai, Singapore and Australia.

About D3S, Delta 3 Solutions

Delta 3 Solutions (D3S) is a Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded by directors each with over 20 years of experience in the intelligence and special operations community. Our team of knowledgeable professionals has expertise in technical program and operations management, training and onboarding.

With a focus on providing operationally adaptable technical surveillance equipment and services to customers in the defense, intelligence, federal and local law enforcement communities, the cradle-to- D3S’s grave for the products and services we represent includes the provision of field support services such as new equipment (NET) training, general technical support, and technical development and refinement, tactics and procedures (TTP).

D3S helps shape technical surveillance technology applications and can help secure research and development funding to help mature capabilities from below Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to a deployable state.

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