David Robinson: Unemployment is at an all-time high. It’s not as impressive as it sounds | Business premises

“People who are willing to work and take risks have already returned to the labor market,” said Julie Anna Golebiewski, an economist at Canisius College.

That includes many mothers who have returned to the workforce now that schools have reopened, Golebiewski said.

But some did not. Finding affordable childcare is difficult, especially as many workers avoid lower-paying jobs and take advantage of competition among employers to move to new types of work or earn higher wages.

Some workers who needed two part-time jobs to get by may have found a full-time job or are now able to work more hours – at higher wages – in one job, so they no longer need a second part-time position.

Other workers, particularly those approaching retirement, have chosen to retire at an accelerated pace – a drain on the labor pool that is likely to be particularly significant in a place like Buffalo Niagara, where the workforce -work is older.

And others are just waiting for the pandemic to end.

“It’s pretty clear that we’re not going to make any further substantial improvements until the population has a more positive view of where we’re headed with the virus,” Golebiewski said. “We have to overcome this obstacle.”

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