Danville City Council committee recommends road projects continue

A committee of Danville City Council is recommending to the full council to approve million-dollar plans for street and infrastructure improvements. City Engineer Sam Cole says some of the work is planned in the Carle at the Riverfront project area…

{Audio: , many projects involve pavement and sidewalk improvements,…drainage improvements, curbs and gutters around this area to really modernize it – to give it a neighborhood feel that is cohesive, and really tell the story of what we want the development to look like in Danville when big projects like this take place in the future. It also involves providing walking paths for the Carle Project people downtown and throughout the neighborhood and things that will promote healthy living and improve the neighborhood as a whole.”}

Another key project that is expected to start in early summer is the realignment and improvement of the intersection of Jackson and Voorhees streets…. (shown here)

{”This project has been going on for probably a decade – maybe even longer than that. It will be a realigned four-way intersection. It will be improvements to sidewalks, curbs and gutters, drainage – and it should be a very nice improvement just to the condition of the pavement, but also to the ability to walk. We can’t wait to get this one started and more because we received $1.25 million in grants for it, which certainly makes doing these projects more enjoyable,” Cole said.}

Members of the Public Works Committee unanimously recommended that the full council award a contract to allow work to begin on the Jackson and Voorhees project. The committee also recommended approval of the allocation of fuel tax funds for the reconstruction of sections of Lafayette, Robinson and North streets near the new Carle project.

In addition, the committee approved the following by sending them to the full city council for consideration:

  • Allocation of MFT Funds and Engineering Agreement for Williams Street Improvements – Bowman Avenue to State Street. The project crosses parts of neighborhoods 1, 3 and 4.
  • An appropriation of just under $3 million in MFT funds for street maintenance.
  • Tender award for the construction of drainage improvements in the Countryway and Townway area.
  • (This is the long-abandoned Mill Street Bridge.)
  • Recommended approval of professional services agreement for various bridges. The city plans to develop demolition plans for three bridges in hopes that grants will be available to remove them. The bridges are the old Mill Street Bridge which was abandoned years ago. Also an abandoned bridge over Stoney Creek near Bunge Milling and a pedestrian bridge over US Route 150 in the Heights area on the west side of Danville. City engineer Sam Cole notes that it is rarely used. It previously served a school on the north side of the highway, but the school closed.

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