Crestron UC MM30 TA Tabletop Conference Review


As the demand for high-quality meeting products continues to increase, solutions designed to support easier and more efficient collaboration are on the rise. Today’s teams need a convenient way to jump into team conversations and collaboration sessions, with minimal headaches or setup issues. Fortunately, companies like Crestron have the solution.

Designed for Microsoft Teams, Crestron’s state-of-the-art UC MM30 TA conferencing solution promises to take every meeting to the next level. This Crestron Flex tabletop conferencing system provides an all-in-one environment where teams can connect with colleagues and share content through the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

The tabletop solution brings the full Teams rooms experience to any meeting space, whether you’re a small business or a business. With a 7-inch color display, it’s easy to search contacts and connect with colleagues in seconds. Let’s take a closer look.

Creston UC MM30 TA Tabletop Conference Review: Features

Designed to enable hybrid work teams in the modern landscape, the Crestron UC MM30 tabletop conferencing solution is an industry-leading offering for Microsoft teams. For businesses using the Microsoft Team environment as a central collaboration space, Crestron offers a way to turn any room into a meeting center.

Sleek, stylish and easy to use, the audio conferencing solution brings the full UC experience for Teams rooms to your meeting room and allows users to access all kinds of features through a convenient touchscreen. There’s even an AEC-compatible USB speaker for full-duplex full-duplex audio performance. Features include:

  • Native experience of Microsoft Teams rooms
  • 7-inch HD color touchscreen
  • USB speaker
  • Full duplex wideband audio performance
  • Superior conferences and collaboration
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Managing Cloud Devices with XiO Cloud Service
  • Premium level customer support
  • PoE injector and desktop device
  • Easy to install with no programming required
  • Dual band Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 4 omnidirectional MEMS microphones
  • 10ft pickup range
  • Automatic gain control and acoustic echo cancellation
  • USB connectivity

More than just a tool for accessing Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions, the Crestron MM30 TA desktop solution for Microsoft Teams gives you a complete conferencing environment, with access to Microsoft Teams Audio and a host of additional features. There are four capacitive buttons with lights for things like mute control. You’ll also get 4 built-in omnidirectional MEMS microphones with access to dynamic noise reduction, automatic gain control, full duplex audio and more.

Creston UC MM30 TA Tabletop Conference Review: Advantages

Ideal for those looking to upgrade their existing Microsoft Teams investment, the MM30 TA desktop conferencing environment is packed with features to make connecting with colleagues as easy and streamlined as possible. A strong Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to stay connected throughout your daily conference sessions. The full Microsoft Teams Rooms experience also ensures that users can feel right at home using the tools they’re already comfortable with.

The 7-inch color touchscreen display and AEC-compatible USB speaker give you absolutely incredible full-duplex full-duplex sound, with superior conferencing and collaboration experiences for tight spaces, meeting rooms and offices of management. The advantages include:

  • Native Microsoft Teams experience: Designed to enhance the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, the Crestron UC MM30 TA tabletop conferencing system brings the full Microsoft Teams experience to your meeting space with quick and easy access to all of your contact management and sharing needs. contents. The system’s Microsoft Teams user interface lets you join meetings quickly and easily with just a tap
  • Easy installation: Setting up and managing your meeting room solution couldn’t be easier. The plug-and-play solution does not require any custom design or programming requirements. You can also get higher level support with the Crestron Flex Care package. For remote provisioning, there is the XiO cloud service for cloud-based management of all kinds of devices from a central location. System updates can then be controlled through the Windows software update ecosystem
  • Its fantastic: The Crestron UC MM30 TA tabletop conferencing system ensures that conversions go as smoothly as possible, with full duplex audio performance and a fantastic microphone system, so you know you can hear your colleagues and they can hear you with absolute clarity. All kinds of meeting rooms, boardrooms and executive offices can benefit from UC MM30 table conference system
  • Business-Quality Security: Crestron’s enterprise-ready solution comes with Crestron Flex technology, designed in partnership with Microsoft for a seamless connection to Microsoft Teams that doesn’t compromise on security and privacy. You can rest assured that your conversations will remain secure and encrypted

Who needs the Crestron UC MM30 TA desktop conference kit?

Designed for Microsoft Teams, the Crestron MM30 TA tabletop conferencing kit makes it easier for all kinds of teams to manage their conversations and enable conversations in the hybrid world. The solution brings the full Teams rooms experience to any meeting space in a small business or enterprise, with a powerful 7-inch HD color touchscreen, AEC-enabled phone for full duplex audio and audio capture sensational with a microphone.

The heart of the UC MM30 solution is the Crestron Flex tabletop system which allows users to easily navigate Microsoft Teams features, immediately invite their contacts to conference sessions, and deliver a one-touch meeting. Because everything was designed in collaboration between Crestron and Microsoft, you know you are getting an optimized and secure experience.

Crestron recommends the MM30 TA tabletop conferencing solution for all types of meeting and collaboration spaces, including standard meeting rooms and executive offices. The solution can also be enhanced with access to Crestron Flex Care for additional support.

Crestron UC MM30 TA Tabletop Conference Verdict

An all-in-one solution for amazing audio conferencing for Microsoft Teams, Crestron’s UC MM30 solution is easy to set up and fantastic to use. This industry-leading solution comes with top-level support available from Crestron Flex Care and enterprise-level security, along with an easy provisioning system, so you can easily control your devices in the cloud. Combine incredible access to Microsoft Teams on a single screen with great audio quality, and you’ve got a powerful tool for today’s meeting rooms.

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