Create your own vinyl records with this little vinyl maker

Image Credit: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering’s Record Factory looks cute and cool, and it lets you create your own vinyl records in minutes!

Have you ever wished you could instantly create a vinyl copy of a song? Check out the PO-80 Record Factory, a self-built compact disc cutter made by Teenage Engineering that you can use to create 5-inch records.

Before you get too excited, you should know that recording time is limited to around four minutes. But you end up with a trendy lo-fi sound, and you can use Teenage Engineering’s mastering tool to make sure your sound quality is suitable for cutting on vinyl.

The PO–80 is currently £149. You need an audio source that you can plug in via USB to make vinyl copies of your songs using the six included 5″ discs – use a handheld operator to compose a song and instantly cut it to vinyl.

Vinyl has grown in popularity over the past few years, so PO-80 is right on trend. In 2020, vinyl overtook CD sales for the first time, and pressing plants are struggling to keep up.

The PO-80 offers monophonic disc cutting and playback and requires self-assembly. It comes with six blank black 5-inch discs, as well as a USB power cable, spare cutter needle, adapter for 7-inch discs, 3.5mm audio jack and gakken magazine. Additional PO-80 discs cost £20 for a pack of 10.

Join the Waiting List for a PO-80 Record Factory here!

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