Collecting nostalgia at the Moncton Record Expo

Vinyl enthusiasts packed a community center in Riverview, New Brunswick, on Saturday looking for a hidden gem or the missing piece to their collection at the Moncton Record Expo.

Buying records has become a popular pastime in recent years, despite the fact that many of the old hits found in the bins at the show can easily be downloaded for free.

Matt O’Blenis, one of many sellers in the Maritimes, owns nearly 14,000 records alone.

“The appeal of discs is — you’re going to get the best sound quality possible. You get the cool package, you can read the liner notes and look at the pictures. People like that. There’s also a nostalgia factor for a lot of older people,” O’Blenis said.

Expo organizer Martin Leblanc said it had to open 30 minutes early Saturday morning because there were nearly 50 people outside the building waiting to enter. He had to cancel the last sale due to the pandemic and was happy to see shoppers coming out in droves. .

“People are feeling really comfortable now. I’ve seen a few people wearing masks and we have hand sanitizer. It seems like no one is scared,” Leblanc said.

Angèle Vautour said she got back into the hobby during the pandemic.

“We had records from a long time ago and we dusted them off and took them out of the closet and then went back to them. With COVID there’s not much to do, so you entertain yourself with records. We have vinyl nights,” Vulture said. .

But collecting nostalgia can come at a cost. Some discs can cost as much as $50 to $100 or even more depending on age, condition and their rarity.

Proof that what’s old is often new, as collectors continue to hunt down those hidden gems or missing pieces.

The next Moncton Record Expo is scheduled for August.

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