Clarkson Professors Featured in Wild Center’s Upcoming ‘Climate Solutions’ Exhibit

LR: Professors Susan Powers and Ken Visser

Clarkson University professors Susan Powers and Ken Visser are both featured in a brand new exhibit called “Climate Solutions” at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Powers is highlighted for her climate education work and Visser for her wind turbine efforts.

“Climate Solutions” is a showcase of climate leaders. Powers and Visser each have a panel with some photos and an audio recording describing their work.

Powers is the director of the Institute for Environmental Sustainability and the Jean ’79 & Robert ’79 Spence Professorship in Sustainable Environmental Systems. Susan is an educator working to improve climate and energy literacy in schools and colleges through project-based learning. His work in the field of climate education goes beyond his work as an environmental engineering teacher. She volunteers in her community to support local green initiatives, helps embed climate literacy into a state agency, leads the Potsdam Climate Smart Communities task force, and has spoken at youth climate summits in Wild Center to inspire youth climate action and teach energy conservation.

In her research, Susan works with students to perform life cycle assessments to track materials and energy use and associated impacts through consumption chains. She is currently working on sustainable food waste management at the community level and motivating energy conservation in campus housing.

Visser is an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. His commercialized research is helping to bring wind power to rural and urban areas. He patented an energy-efficient ducted wind turbine that meets building height standards in Adirondack Park. These turbines are installed in residential areas and farms throughout the park and beyond. He hopes to improve access to electricity and use this wind turbine for disaster relief, providing power during power outages.

As a professor of aerospace engineering at Clarkson, Ken continually challenges students to consider the impact of their engineering design decisions on the sustainable use of our environment.

The exhibit opens July 8 at the Wild Center. To learn more, visit

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