City of the future? Young Girl Candidates Speak Out on Housing Development and Growth | Govt. and politics


“These other cities are attracting small businesses. They make people open stores, open restaurants and the like, and then development naturally has somewhere to go, ”she said. “For me, Maiden got it upside down. “Let’s bring a bunch of people. Oh, now we’re behind the eight ball. We need to bring other things to this city.

Fox, 53, said the developer could not have done anything to get him to support the project, adding that the board should have waited until after the election before voting.

He ridiculed the proposed units as “cracker houses” that were out of place in Maiden. “I’m going to watch this like a hawk and keep the developers posted on what they’re coming up with,” Fox said. “I have a strong feeling Maiden is going to end up on the wrong side of this deal.”

Ramseur, 32, said he would have voted against the project in part because he believed the developers should have worked more with neighboring residents to resolve disputes. “I feel like if it had been discussed a little better with the community, I think there are some things that could have been resolved a little differently than they were,” Ramseur said.

Ramseur’s concerns for development include increased traffic and the safety of area residents. In terms of development in general, Ramseur said he wanted to see more small businesses and family businesses attracting the downtown area of ​​the city.

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