Chatzy SexChat – No Cameras + Big Risks = No Dice!

Chatzy is a place for a general free chat that has sex chat elements, but not real live adult webcams. Having said that, this is also another of the increasingly common situations where people are too eager to go to free chat sites like crazy off the sites.

Is Chatzy safe? (See again)

The short and simple answer is hell no. has no security protocol regarding age controls. This shit will bite you!

Let me explain to you, as we have written so many times.

You have to be extra careful that the person you are talking to about sex on the web is IN FACT over 18 every time.

Chatzy sexchat is a fucking misguided attempt to just hope that the person on the other end of the chat is an adult. Who do this ? This is why we are reviewing other adult chat sites as there is widespread ignorance of what is safe on each of the sites like

Look, guys, the Chatzy alternatives are all the same; we keep covering them all because some of you are so slow to get the truth about these sex chat sites.

Public chatrooms on chatzy are boring as fuck!

If you are discussing sex, stop using adult sites like omegle unless you can confirm that it is not a minor.

Be aware that when you pay a small fee to premium live sex cam sites, it is to ensure that all participants have passed age verification and that no minors are using the site. You should understand that sex chat and similar sites like SaleRoulette are NOT the safest places to enjoy live sex entertainment.

What Chatzy Offers: List of Features and Benefits

The homepage will give you an idea of ​​the ’90s chat rooms, a high-sounding background with a few tabs displayed on the left. You can register on chatzy with your email address or other platforms like Facebook, Google, etc. I’m going to be honest cause I started trying this website all I could think of was go with another one of those stupid ones random chat sites.

Here you have the option to create a quick chat or a virtual room according to your preferences. A Quick Chat is a basic chat room that you can create and invite members you want to interact with through their email addresses.

To start a quick chat, you’ll need to fill out a form that requires your name, font color, chat title, and the email address of the person you want to invite. This is a private chat room, only invited members can access the room.

A virtual room is a larger version of a quick chat with advanced features. You can change the title of the chat, add a personalized entry message, set a room password, and more.

Skin: Skin is a feature with which you can customize the font color and background of chatzy.

Chatty Blog: This is by far the most boring blog I have ever seen. Seriously, blogs are designed for user engagement and blogging on chatzy is an absolute bummer.

My rooms: All information relating to your room’s activity and other details are displayed here.

If you want to interact with people in the public chat rooms, you can click “find more rooms” and search for a room in the search tab provided. I walked into a chat room called “fun” but the conversations there were as dry as dust.

Chatty cat
Encounters with such perverts are not unusual on Chatzy.

On top of that, chatzy has an emoji library with hundreds of emojis that you can use in your chat. You can connect chatzy to your website or blog to engage with your audience. For more information on this subject, you can visit the “lodged rooms” section.

Chatzy cost:

Chatzy offers free chat service as well as premium subscriptions. Find out more about the two types of premium subscriptions below:

Premium User: This subscription is suitable for an individual user and provides you with benefits such as access to all rooms, ad-free experience, etc.

Premium room: An entire room can opt for a subscription to a premium room with which you can have unlimited chats with members, send private messages and also have a record of your entire chat history.

Premium user subscription price:

  • 3 months – $ 10
  • 6 months – $ 15
  • 12 months – $ 24

Premium room subscription price:

  • 14 days – $ 10.90
  • 1 month – $ 16.90
  • 6 months – $ 39.90
  • 12 months – $ 129

Is Chatzy available on mobile?

Yes, you can also access on your smartphone. The desktop version was enough to give us a hard time, so I wouldn’t even recommend this awful platform.

There are so many stupid sites like Chatzy such as Chatib, Chatiw, and free chat now it can get you in big trouble unless you use your head and stick to safe adult cam sites.

Chatzy Home
Screenshot of Chatzy’s home page

Chatzy Reviews Conclusion – Why Does It Fail To Impress?

chatty sex chat
Chatty sex chat? No more chatzy sex chat link! (Try elsewhere to chat live on cam with girls.)

Most people visit chat roulette sites to jerk off on hot women cams.

Alas! This is something you can’t expect from chatzy as it doesn’t even have a video chat feature.

Seriously, why argue with someone when you’re not even sure their gender. You see, unknown chat sites give you the freedom to be whoever you want.

Dude, what if the hot girl you’re sexting with is a perv? The thought makes me shudder.

Hot two-way chat with a bombshell? Now this is what you are looking for, horny wankers. Well, you will be served in the best possible way because this webcam site has an insane amount of girls who are always horny and need your attention.

Coming back to chatzy sexchat, it is not a safe platform as it lacks proper age verification. Poor quality sites like chatzy can give you serious problems, so go for safe adult cam platforms like and Streamate (review on this link).

I have to give special mention to the slow chatty interface which annoyed me. I ran into unresponsive pages several times, man that’s crap!

Ditch the crappy sites like chatzy and check out the the 7 best adult cam sites for an elite live cam experience.

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