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We tested the hybrid random video chat called ChatAlternative and wrote this review about how it works and how secure it is. Read reviews before exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Chatalternative review and explanation of how it works

Chatalternative is an online adult community that offers virtual speed dating through its webcam-based platform. No registration is required, which means users do not have to provide any identifying information (email address, phone number, etc.) to participate.

Like many other random chat sites, puts user anonymity on a shaky pedestal, relying on users themselves to create a safe environment and use the platform as intended. This hands-off approach might work well in a perfect world. Unfortunately, ours is not.

During our Chatalternative testing, we found that the male to female ratio was around 640 to 1. You’re going to see a lot of guys doing this.

Similar chat sites outline the basic ground rules that their users should follow, and Chatalternative is no different. The site is, however, a little more specific when it comes to determining what behaviors are considered inappropriate on their platform. While most sites simply provide a general no-nudity policy, Chatalternative details the following behaviors as being strictly prohibitive:

  • Show shirtless without showing a face
  • Offer virtual sex
  • Using obscene sexual language
  • Chat naked or in underwear
  • Display of genitals
  • Touching the genitals, even through clothing
  • Aim the camera under the chest

The list includes other behaviors, such as aiming at the webcam whatever other than your own face, demonstrating illegal activities, etc. But the main problem with Chatalternative and similar sites is not that its users don’t know when they are breaking the rules. It is because the rules are hardly applied.
DISCLAIMER: poses a security risk if you are looking for adult webcam chat.

While adult sites like Omegle and Chataléatory usually allude to a vague machine entity that filters out illegal behavior on their respective platforms, Chatalternative clearly admits their channels aren’t moderate at all from the get-go. To get free from camera to camera, this is NOT WORTH THIS KIND OF RISK! ChatSpin and Flingster work pretty much the same, they’re not random places to chat if your intention is to talk about sex.

There are too many free webcam chat options out there, as we have discussed in our webcam site reviews where you can be totally safe to try your luck on spooky random video chat sites like these.

Chat Alternative features and security concerns

Instead, (crazy as it sounds), the chat alternative depends on the users themselves to submit violation reports so that admins can act on them afterwards.

Chatalternative suggests that users attach a picture of the accused offender to their complaints, which is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially if the offender in question is hiding their face. For a ban to even take place, offenders must have many complaints against them.

Also, you might want to know that the Chat Alternative claims this is to prevent wrong bans, but it reads as lazy, short-sighted, and downright irresponsible.

According to this policy, harmed users can make a parcel damage before the site decides enough is enough. Unfortunately, lax rule enforcement isn’t unique to Chatalternative – it’s a filthy standard for most random chat sites.

Chatalternative promotes itself as a completely free platform to find romance and friendship. But these connections come at a much higher cost. Users of Chatalternative and similar random chat sites take a risk every time they click “Next”.

Chatalternative claims to mix foreign chat and speed dating, but in reality, they mix adults and children! (STAY AWAY!)

The possibility of being hacked or harassed just isn’t worth it. And since the site does not have age verification methods, you could even end up chatting with a minor. Ouch. While Chatalternative may turn a blind eye when it comes to breaking the rules, don’t take a chance!

Try a legitimate camera site like Streamate instead, where you can connect with hot and verified models on a 100% secure platform. also lands on our list of cheapest sex cam sites! Read the whole review on to see what they have to offer.

Having said that, I can guarantee you that it is a much safer adult chat alternative to (no pun intended).

No matter how many webcam chat sites like chat alternatives, this is a recurring problem. Premium options are the key for a free camcorder site to thrive as they make money from some users by giving them the budget and tools to have a verification system. age appropriate.

Summary: ChatAlternative review

Let’s also be completely honest and agree that most of these camchat sites have this adult behavior. Using random webcam chat for adult or sexual purposes is not only bad in every way, but also playing Russian roulette with your life and future.

Don’t believe us? Check out our dirtyroulette review where we were literally testing the site and came across a police office scanning the site for inappropriate content. This is what you are going to find (and for good reason) if you try to use totally free webcam chat sites that don’t have proper security measures in place.

Likewise, the pitch chat alternative turns it into a total ruse by offering random speed dating. Statistical probability of meeting someone hyper-local on this fake random adult video chat site is zero.

You are more likely to catch the coronavirus and be struck by lightning at the same time, then meet someone to date ChatAlternative; it just won’t happen.

You just need to know where to look for free online video chat and random chat site is a bad place. Ignore all those worthless chat roulette sites if you intend to chat sex and mark the best adult cam sites to find safe and legitimate places for adult video chat.

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