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  • An online assessment system that automates the creation and scoring of multiple-choice exams.

  • Assignments in which the final product created by students is a video or audio recording, such as student presentations, creative assignments, interviews, and role plays.

  • Create a virtual meeting space where you can chat with one student, a small group of students, or up to 150 students with live video.

  • An online collaborative grading system designed for page-by-page grading. Pages in an assignment or test can be graded by markers and simultaneously reviewed by instructors.

  • iClicker/iClicker Cloud can be used as a student feedback or survey tool.

  • LEARN supports announcements, email, chat, discussions, content creation, video notes, dropboxes, gradebook, quizzes, rubrics, and groups.

  • M365 apps provide access to a variety of communication, collaboration and productivity tools, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Bookings, Stream, Teams (including polls) and Forms.

  • Möbius is a robust online authoring and delivery environment specifically designed for the needs of STEM classrooms.

  • The Peer Evaluation, Assessment and Review (PEAR) application is an online platform that helps instructors facilitate the peer review process and/or the group review process.

  • PebblePad helps students plan and prepare for learning, record and reflect on curricular and extracurricular learning experiences, and organize and present evidence of that learning for different audiences.

  • An interactive document tool that allows you and your students to discuss specific words, phrases, and passages in written text by highlighting key parts of a document for comment and discussion.

  • Question and answer platform in wiki format, to collaborate in a single space. Students can post questions and edit answers collaboratively. Instructors can answer questions and/or approve student answers.

  • Create quizzes or surveys with an extensive library of question types and answer options, integrate skip patterns and other types of logic, and generate reports to summarize collected data.

  • A text-matching software that can be used to filter course assignments, Turnitin® is used to verify that all materials and sources for assignments are documented.

  • Cisco WebEx is a complete audio-video conferencing platform for remote work, providing solutions for online lessons with integration with LEARN, administrative meetings and webinars.

  • A cloud-based video conferencing platform that can be used for video conferencing meetings, audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, and live chat.

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