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Saskatchewan’s music scene has been vibrant for over half a century. From the days when Western swing and Scandinavian polkas ruled our airwaves, to seeing today’s artists succeed around the world with their unique blends of bhangra and hip hop, or their traditional country version.

We must celebrate these sounds.

To do this, CBC Saskatchewan shares profiles of incredible local musicians every week to highlight their dynamic creations and notable contributions to our community. With each submission, artists explain their sound, how they got started, and why they love the local scene.

Check out our first profile feature, told in the words of the artist, below! For more Local Music Project content, visit the official page.

Origin of Spin, Regina

(Chelsea Harty/Submitted Artist)

Origin of Spin (Adam Parwez) is a self-taught Pakistani/Canadian beatmaker. Raised in the analog era of turntables, drum machines and samplers, he navigates through technology in the digital age in search of sounds that invoke emotion, passion and deeply impact the listener.

My music is a mix of trip-hop, lo-fi, electronic and jazz.

Inspired by producers such as Nujabes, J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Pete Rock and Bonobo, I do whatever I feel like at the time.

My musical tastes and production often fluctuate, which is reflected in the progression of my work. Being confined to one genre seems limited, as I am a lover of many different genres of music and I am inspired by all the sounds I hear.

After learning to play bass, guitar, and drums in my teens, I started recording myself, scratching vinyl on a cheap turntable, and making beats on a cracked version of FL Studio. .

I was jamming with friends and doing photography and videography for local artists and rappers in high school. I then started creating my own beats, songs and music videos with very little knowledge of the recording and mastering process. I just plugged in the mic, recorded and went out. It was all for love then (and still is).

I moved to Vancouver in 2012 to study audio engineering and music production, with the intention of learning how to hone my craft in recording, mixing and mastering. I began to network and work with amazing and prominent producers, musicians, emcees, singers and DJs from the BC music scene, most of whom have now gone on to great success and accolades.

During my six years in Vancouver, I evolved as an artist and became Origin of Spin. In 2019 I published BLVNT BAND VOL. 1followed by Abstract perception in 2020, and my recent single Reflection in 2021.

This year I plan to go out BLVNT BAND VOL. 2, which features many local hosts as well as a Canadian hip-hop legend. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Other projects I have planned for 2022 include an album with singer/songwriter Ava Wild, an album with host Bizzness, a beat tape with producer Enzo and an EP with host Info Red, as well as a new studio album with my band People du soleil.

I love how Saskatchewan’s music scene has grown and diversified with vibrant cultures of people and genres of music since my return. Seeing all the new talent emerge is refreshing and the sounds they produce are truly exciting.

I think the music scene in Saskatchewan is going to have a huge boom in the next few years and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

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