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Comparing adult cameras, right? Unlike so many others, our reviews on cam sites, don’t go smoke your ass. This is our review of the cammodels operated by Streamate. Find out about the features and the cost.

Not really! The honest truth about from someone who has used all the top webcam sites.

Features, Price and Safety Information of Cam Models

So let’s talk about this site and how it works. First of all, this review will focus on three elements; these being what consumers really want to know before joining a premium site. What are the REAL and REAL costs for someone using adult cameras on this site? What are the features? Finally, is the site safe and worth joining? That’s all and that’s it.

So first of all, we really owe it to you to explain that the review of this site is the same as Streamate, that’s because cammodels is, in fact, the exact same website as with nothing more than a new logo on a different color palette.

They are both operated by Flying Croc under the main brand called Streamate.

Also, just a warning that you are going to want to take 2 minutes now to read the Streamate reviews that will really explain what streamate is and how it all works.

Before we go too far in talking about, let me tell you that pornhublive, camonster, rabbitscams, shegotasslive, ypmate and countless others are similar clones of You still want to go to the real source to sign up, otherwise you’re signing up through an unnecessary third party. costs, features and overall value comparison, plus contact information and more.

Nevertheless, we will come back to everything on this page as the site name is different for cammodels, but just be aware that when you register on Streamate you have the same access and the same account to use both sites. And yes, the same price applies too!

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  • Starting at $ 1.50 a minute and in some cases less, you can go private. Yes, that means a fully nude and interactive live adult cam show. However, what drove millions of men to start using this site is the fact that you don’t have to pay a dime to watch live cams and even talk to models. Sure, most guys and girls tip models but that’s why the site is so popular.
  • Once registered, you can be a lifetime member and chat for free.
  • Another thing that is great about this site is the fact that the billing is from ICF technology, so you have no idea or your bank that they are charging for live webcam shows.
ArabicGoddess is one of over 20,000 camera models on
ArabicGoddess is one of over 20,000 camera models on

The model here is post-pay, not pre-pay, which means there are no fake currencies, credits, or games. AT ALL. Most cam site reviews won’t tell you when they send you to an adult webcam website, making you pay around $ 100.00 for credits that evaporate like smoke. water in the Mojave Desert.

Listen, folks, the honest truth to god is, that’s it. It is the big player in the world of cameras because they film people directly and have good customer service.

I won’t even wait for the conclusion of my review to tell you this is the best of the best but you should REALLY register through the main site which is because CamModels is affiliated with the REAL MAIN SITE!

However, just to be clear, there are no other fees and free means free here, unless you buy premium shows on your own.. All you need is a credit card or other common payment method and you’re good to go. The reason required is twofold:

A. This can be a way to verify age and identity.

B. This gives them a chance to make money in case you go for a show.

You have to be a hell of a jerk to be charged here because the disclosures are so clear before any charges are billed.

There are like 3 layers before to prevent this from happening even after recording.

How the video chat features work here:

An incredibly feature rich site. The car model manual actually looks more like a book if you really wanted to understand how many features are on offer, there are actually over 200 of them. In order not to waste your time, I’ll make you happy with those. that most consumers consider the most critical or the most important.

cam models
This is what the cammodels website looks like.
  • Video Quality: Nowadays good video quality is paramount namely HD and this 2 cam cam site has the most English speaking nude women on HD cams.
  • So you know that the camera model is ultimately controlling whether it has HD based on its own webcam, and not adult cam sites. However, has performers which are not as numerous compared to other adult cam sites as from very poor countries. Richer camera models create more camera models that use HD cameras. Funny how it works. Anyway, a point made; this site has a lot of HD webcams compared to other sites.
  • Gold Shows and Private Shows: So I’m not going to dwell too much on the exclusive shows and party shows, because they’re not as popular. However, gold shows allow many men to watch one cam girl at a time. Private means it’s just you and the cam girl. People can spy on her unless you get exclusive, but who really cares. Why pay 30% more to block a guy that’s in there. After all, that guy or girl will never know who you are anyway, so it doesn’t make a difference and you better go private and save more money.
  • Messaging: It’s free to message any camera model sitewide. Period. It’s VERY COOL also because sites like Chaturbate don’t allow that!

With thousands of camera models from all over the world here, the service alone is of huge value, but it’s free once you sign up. reviews
This is what the homepage of this live sex site looks like when you first visit. Our reviews cost all details such as cost of cam models.
  • Cast from your own camera: The ability to cast your own camera or just watch is nice. Cam models will ask sometimes but still do a show if you don’t want to show them your cam!
  • Searching: There is no better adult cam site when it comes to search. Considering the cam model database is so big here, you can never really see all cam models even at one point in time and it changes down to the second. Keep in mind that tens of thousands of Canadian women in Vietnam use the site.

Oh and yeah, there are also trans cams and men on cams here. Just click on it or even search by age, fetish or use their cool tag search feature for all kinds of user generated search keywords.

Our conclusion / Opinion on

It really is a brilliant system that they have to provide a good user experience.

As always, we’re not here to pet you. We’re not afraid to call a website when it sucks, and some adult video chat sites don’t really offer free webcam interactions.

However, our cam site reviews are always 100% honest and straightforward and the point is that this 2 cam site has millions of users every day for a reason; it is one of best adult cam sites online.

If you want to try the main platform, I suggest you register through the parent site which is again This particular cam site is also at the top of our list of cheapest sex webcams websites.

I should also point out that if you are looking for good alternatives to cam models or sites like, maybe you should read our LiveJasmin review.
This site or StripChat is most similar to

You can register through the secure portal of the parent site here. No one registers on the tbh clone site. Once you have a Streamate username and password, you can use the same credentials to log into any of the stupid clone sites.

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