We have discovered some interesting facts about camfuze cameras. Our experiences are detailed in this review and let me tell you this; things are not what they appear to be on this live cam site.

What Camfuze doesn’t tell you

Their motto is to create sparks on the camera, but in reality this camera site is like something that needs to go up in smoke. The alternate intro could easily be “Welcome to complete bullshit and a fake clone of an adult webcam site”. When it comes to, you don’t get what you think you are. That’s right, is a total clone webcam chat site.

If you’ve ever landed on this xxx webcam chat site called Camfuze, I’m here to tell you the TRUTH about camfuze cams.

If a sex cam site deserved a zero rating this would be one of them. Of course, among the big butt and fat trans cam girls, everyone might want to see streaming on sites like camfuze, but the point is that sex cam shows at Camfuze really come from a completely different place.


camfuze is NOT RIGHT. Unless you think a 5 minute webmaster redirect with a logo on top is legitimate! ?

Camfuze is owned by an idiot who figured out how to sign up for an affiliate program and probably bought a fucking $ 5.00 logo gig on Fiverr. Where we give credit to this adult cam is in getting so many people to sign up here; probably by advertising on this webcam site. The point is, this crappy live cam site has been on the web for too long, making people think there really is a unique service.

They don’t know it’s just skin on top of You must be over 18 and stupid as a fucking rock to buy tokens on this camfuze crock cam site. Fuck the interface, this is a cloned cam site, guys. Frankly, I would also jump straight to bongacams, the parent platform!

truth about camfuze
The truth about camfuze is that it is just a white label clone of Bongacams. See how these are the same. BongaCams is real, not

Sure, Bongacams is legit, but of course you’d want to KEEP it REAL and read the Bongacams Reviews before you join and even then I’m not sure you would want with so many alternatives that offer so much more. Having said that, we certainly can’t pretend that a cam site is what they say; a one-of-a-kind or one-of-a-kind webcam sex site. This camfuze is NOT!

Yes try, but go right after camfuze. claims hot nude sex cameras but …

They don’t tell you that you are passing your credit card details to camfuze and, in fact, has no control over the site.

In fact, another company takes care of everything. It is fishy for any sex cam website to twist and it is not wise to join a clone cam site. Why would you want to when you can see for yourself that it’s just a copy of another real cam site that’s rigged to be something it’s not. FireCams, Rabbitcams, Shegotasslive, Pornhublive all live up to the same shit but their streamate clones, which are a good cam site. the Streamate reviews get into it all.

If you’re already on streamate, head over to and read our myfreecams reviews or what we had to say about cam4. A lot more performers, a lot better values ​​and just a more seamless experience to be frank.

My point is simply this. We have been writing about adult cams for a long time and it is high time that people learned about the differences between fake sex cams and the real deal. These are real live webcam sex sites.

Camfuze is for fucking live cams! Live webcams yes, but another cam site for silly fuckers who have no idea where to find real adult cam sites. Maybe sign up here if you like to use a cam site that other morons have joined after a webmaster fires up their eyes. If you sign up for camfuze you pretty much deserve everything you get.

Sure, it’s a 24/7 adult cam site, but you’d be as dumb as hell night and day to make it your place for sex cam chat. They don’t tell you that ladies undressing in cam shows don’t work for camfuze. They also don’t mention that hot couples trannies fuck on camera are in most cases not even aware of what even fucking camfuze is.

A fake xxx cam site but there are others that do the same like private cameras. When you are ready for legitimate cam sites we know you have a full list, but Camfuze is the wrong answer.

Honestly this site is pretty much useless at free chat now, chatroulette, or chatavenue; but just with copied cams.

Camuze is not legitimate or SR

Sure, the real underlying platform may be worth it and you can read bongacams reviews to really rate cam fuze, but even if you’re high and dumb don’t sign up on camfuze and even believe a moment that the sex webcam shows are free here or that they are even operated by cam fuse. Both are false claims by cam fuse.

Camuze is not legitimate
Camuze is not a truly legitimate site.

Live porn shows on your computer are fun, but you should know that the cam sites you are dealing with do not blow your ass up. If you shit and they say it smells like roses then you know you’re about to literally lean in on yourself.

Some of the camfuze reviews we read literally speak of the cams site like it really is. They must be in the ruse of getting bribes for saying nice shit about this porn cam scam.

They say you become one of the best pornstars cam sex et al and even tell bullshit stories about setting up a webcam and working for camfuze. Get the truth here. You can’t work for you idiot, it’s not even a real adult webcam site. Who cares about your internet speeds or your camuze costs.

I mean really man, once you realize you are not selling anything but a shitty logo on top of other corporate sex cam platforms, that’s about all you need to know . CLASSES!

camfuze scam
Just the b / ca cam site looks and works like a real live sex cam site, it is not.

Don’t be silly when watching live nude porn

The only anal play cams will be that tickling feeling in your own asshole when you realize you threw some fucking money down the drain on a clone cam site where you were probably thinking wow what cute cam girls ?! When in reality these hot cam models didn’t even work for camfuze but actually another sex cams chat site.

Cam Fuze Sex Cams is a DUD!

Not even a real live cam site if you read the fine print and hardly the best cam site on the web as they claim. This so called free sex cam chat site is totally rubbish. A classic example of why reading cam site reviews is necessary, Camfuze is a clone webcam sex platform. No matter what niche you are looking for among exhibitionist cameras or voyeur sex cameras; camfuze is a total failure.

If you want to compare the lower prices of sex webcam chat sites and just see the real legitimate live sex webcams, check out our list of cheap cam sites.

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