Camarads review: is it worth the cost of a membership?

Today we bring you our Camarads review after spending the last month testing and trying out features and documenting our experiences. After joining RealLifeCam, a cam site like Camarads I have to admit I started out skeptical. Would he suffer the same pitfalls as sites like Voyeur House TV or other real life cam sites? Let’s talk about it!

Voyeur porn places a lot of emphasis on organic situations and spontaneity, which can be difficult to replicate with a typical live cam site. On consumer platforms like Streamate or Chaturbate, supermodels are generally at their best, makeup and all. Enter Camarads, one of the few 24/7 voyeur projects that is revolutionizing the way we watch porn.

Prepare for plenty of empty lounges, unless you’re willing to gobble up $ 30 a month. Once you do, be prepared for many disappointments.

Camarads: What to expect as a member: not much!

The problem is, there just isn’t much to watch. Camarads is home to a grand total of eight homes with cameras set up in each room so viewers can catch all the action. And by action, we mean a lot of sitting people. Much like the rest of us homeowners, home life isn’t as exciting for these exhibitionists as one might think. uses real people with real lives, not paid by the hour actors.

So when the cute girl next door you are looking at goes shopping with her boyfriend, you will be left at home alone, flipping through more photos of empty apartments until you reluctantly jerk off with them. panties wandering in the bedroom. floor. And that is if you are able to access the cameras from the bedroom.

Only a fraction of the cameras are available for free. Those offering free voyeur cams got no action. We saw people doing laundry, cooking and walking around. We even saw a woman cleaning the toilet. This was not what we were looking for; and I suspect that not many people would want to spend their private time seeing scenes like this.

camarads membership price
Here are the rates for Camarad memberships. Note that there is a promotional discount for the 180 day membership. We wouldn’t pay for the 30 day subscription after finding out how much of a dud this voyeur cam site is.

When it comes to watching voyeur webcams, you’d expect a wide variety of performers such as a batch of chubby girls, maybe a few Latin couples, and mixed African American sex too, don’t. not?

Maybe different nationalities and even swingers actions going on. Here we did not find anything like it; it’s more of a collection of Eastern European couples who couldn’t do porn, so they’re trying their hand at amateur porn.

Likewise, just not looking into the webcam hardly makes a so-called voyeur house boring. It is not in our humble opinion.

Camarads costs: value or bust?

For full access to the site, you will need to sign up for a Premium membership, which costs around $ 30 / month. Of course, there are options to extend your plan for a few months, but the discounts you will receive that way are disappointing.

sites like camarads
There are many sites like camarads such as reallifecam and voyeur house tv, but they all suck.

The Premium subscription does unlock a few additional features, however, including the 24-hour Camarads replay, which allows users to check out yesterday’s feeds.

Likewise, as a premium member, you will also be able to access the site’s full video gallery which has all the sex scenes you tried to watch in the first place. Oddly enough, you’ll also have to fork out some cash to access more basic features like Full HD and Full Screen mode, which are standard among more traditional sites. With only eight homes to see, the price for this underwhelming package is unreasonably high.

Voyeur cam sites like Camarads seem to miss the point: Review summary

So if you scroll up a bit, we told you at the start of our camarads reviews which sites look like Camarads and now we’ve tested all three of them. They’ll all set you back over $ 30 per month for full access and you just don’t see enough real sex on cam!

It really is that simple. Heck man I got more action on sex guide and almost all of us know how crap this place is.

So I repeat; with limited features and a variety of content, Camarads offers very little to its paid members, let alone casual visitors. Its Premium membership comes at a steep price for free features on most major platforms, and the extras that members are really paying for aren’t worth it.

Instead, bring your wallet to and get your money’s worth! You can chat with thousands of verified amateur models and even professional pornstars.

Registration is completely free, and there will always be something sexy happening on Streamate (review on this link).
It was the typical boring Camarad scene; a chain smoking girl playing on her phone while watching others. How ironic then that you find yourself out there paying to see her. Camarads is a failure!

Another Camarads alternative worth checking out is called Stripchat. Here, at least, you won’t waste a day waiting to see the pussy on live cams!

We hope you enjoyed our in-depth Camarads review with membership costs and actual prices to see all of their voyeur cameras. We have shared our honest experiences on this site and on sites like The bottom line is that the selection is lackluster and when it takes you hours to find a scene sexy enough to masturbate, you have to question the value of your porn.

Unless of course you have all day and night and just enjoy watching people doing random things on the camera.

In such a case, some people may see the benefit of becoming a member of camarads or voyeur cam sites like reallifecam.

It is not us. :-). We believe that if you are using a site like, you should have at least a few dozen rooms where you can see sexual activity. Maybe Camarads will one day add a selection of webcam girls that give you something valuable on top of the super limited selection of boring voyeur cams they currently have.

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