“Bitcoin is the future” – Brandon West, Founder of FLIRT INVEST


As part of our ongoing quick talks, today we interview Brandon West, a crypto enthusiast, philanthropist, co-owner of Flirt Studio, Europe’s largest network of webcam studios, and founder of Flirt Invest platform.

Journalist: Hello Brandon, nice to meet you. Hope you don’t mind if I ask you a question right away, as I am ready for the interview and have gathered information about you. So tell me, why is there so little information about you on the internet?

Brandon: Hello, Katie, I see that you do not respect the traditional rules in your work, I am the same.

Well, the point is, I worked in the police, that is, I was the head of the department in charge of combating cybercrime. However, these crimes were not common, as the internet was not a mass phenomenon and we were able to find everyone. Now, to know everything about a person, just find their social networks. From there, you will already know what he likes, where he lives, who his friends are, etc. It’s funny that a lot of people don’t understand that they are telling all about themselves. I personally am not a very public person. I don’t use Instagram or anything, and the sphere of our business, of course, plays its part as well.

Journalist: Understood. How did you get into this field?

Brandon: Accidentally, to be honest. The point is, after my career in law enforcement, I also worked in a private company, in fact, doing the same. I was earning a lot. It was in the late 90s, you know, the computer boom, I saved most of it, later I also managed to solve the house of one of my deceased parents and I started to think about where to invest my capital. I met an acquaintance of mine in college, we had a conversation, he knew what I was doing and decided to clarify how technically safe it was, and he m talked about this industry. At the time, that was just the beginning. He said he can do it all and is just looking for an investor. I didn’t hesitate, the whole Internet was developing at the speed of light right before my eyes and I saw the potential of the industry.

Journalist: This is not the first time that I have heard this kind of “it happened accidentally” story. Is it just a matter of luck? Or are there other success factors?

Brandon: The universe gives opportunities to everyone every day, even whoever reads this interview will have the opportunity to apply this information, the fact is that many people do not take advantage of the opportunities that life gives them, they can fail to grab them.

Journalist: Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I always wondered who are these people who send money to models? After all, they’ll never even see them, why are they giving huge sums of money to models they just see on screen? With girls everything is clear, it’s easy money for them, but what motivates men to send money?

Brandon: It’s not even some kind of porn or erotica, as many think, but psychological contact and communication. I mean, a lot of people only see their desks and the 4 walls of their apartment. Many, especially those who live in big cities, are exhausted, many are tired of their wives, but they don’t want to cheat – webcam sites solve all these problems, it’s like another reality that men resort to to get away from their problems. Just as a lot of people spend a lot of money on computer games and buy virtual items there, they are simply moving away from this reality.

Journalist: I understood you, in fact, as I understood you, you are also a fan of cryptocurrencies. Tell me, what do you think of their future? Maybe you can share the pieces you bought or the projects you personally believe in?

Brandon: Yes, it’s true. I believe bitcoin is the future. Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing technology in history. The number of Bitcoin users is growing faster than the number of Internet users. I also think that some of the projects behind the technology will remain as well. For example, Ethereum, Cardano, and maybe a number of others. It’s similar to the computer boom I saw in the 90s. I’m very inspired by Michael Saylor and what he does at MicroStrategy. I personally invest in 15 projects, they are all in the top 100 CoinMarketCap. But it’s not for everyone, there are long term risks. If you are a newbie to the cryptocurrency world, I recommend buying BTC and ETH to get started.

Journalist: Correct me, if I’m wrong, your company is now offering investors the opportunity to invest cryptocurrencies in Flirt, right?

Brandon: Well, you see, we are already taking advantage of this opportunity. Due to the specific area of ​​our company, we cannot sell shares. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, we can attract investment and grow very quickly, and our investors can earn a good percentage of us. It’s WIN-WIN. Flirt Invest now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin and recently we started accepting USDT stablecoin.

We plan to add more in the near future.

Journalist: What about investor security? Are there any hidden risks?

Brandon: We have an officially registered company with a share capital of 1 million pounds, an official website. All payments go through a payment merchant, which provides security. If you talk about the sphere, it is growing every year, and even more so because of the Covid-19. All these men stuck at home wanted to be entertained.

Journalist: And after? Also, since you are investing in bitcoin, what is your personal prediction for its price by the end of 2021?

Brandon: We surely have plans to develop further. We are opening new studios, there is a lot of work, and now, thanks to the investments attracted, we will start to grow even faster. As for the price of bitcoin, of course, I’m quite optimistic. In my opinion, it will reach at least $ 100,000 by the end of the year, maybe early next.

Journalist: Thank you! Thank you for your time

Brandon: Thank you for hosting me.

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